So the new guy started monday and never showed up today...

well he was in an accident…

he walked away from this.

yea… is there supposed to be a pic, or a story to go along with this?

howie is about to fix it. i suck at the internet.

the new guy is about as good at his job as you are at posting



thank you to the large hawaiian man

ouchie… i guess he really needs that job now eh…

go batteries, giving all the structural support


and the moral of this is dont listen to krazyjon for anything

oh geez…glad hes ok…

talk about a lot of accidents lately… :tdown:

WOW!!! This week just sucks for a lot of people!

At least he’s okay though.

That’s the best-looking Prius I’ve ever seen… :tup:


did he back into a pole or something?

^^ at a light, rear ended… kind like what happens to you when you see joe


ouch that sucks