So whats changed with you in the last few years?

Life has been good here. I now have two boys, 5 months and 21 months.

240 was sold to a crazy drifter in Philadelphia and it looks like hell in my eyes:

I roll a 2008 M3 now for a fun car and still have the Subaru for a daily driver.

Whats new with you?

Wow man, they really killed the 240, that was a beautiful car at one point.

Not a whole lot here, bought a new house last year:

A new car about 2 yrs ago:

And just been trotting all over the USofA for work lately (From Seattle a few months ago):

New Wife:

New Baby in addition to previous one and a step daughter:

Bought a Hyundai as DD:

Mustang still collects dust:

New house:

Nuttin changed but my change imma stay the same…

Actually still got my same cars…just took 3rd place at the all olds show at 7 springs. Finished PTI in 2012 and left the pirates for greener pastures. Im a quality control inspector for W-House. Just some save the world type shit no big deal. I had it planned about a year ago that i would be popping the big question tmw but that got derailed. Pretty upset but such is life. Its good to see most of us grown up and in better places in life.

I got married last June.

Purchased a house almost 2 years ago…

Still dealing with the same stuff as before…Ill never learn.

Same job
Same girl
Same car

New truck. Bought a house in November. Had two project cars, never finished one. Was close to finishing the 70 Camaro. But when I bought the house and got a new job (Conductor for Norfolk Southern) I didnt have time for it. So now I have a new plan up my sleeve. Should be starting on it this spring.

Switched back to GM. Exhaust and Supercharger. [ATTACH=CONFIG]24580[/ATTACH]

Got a house in Dormont
Got 4 big dogs
Knee deep into first real build.


Twin Scroll T4 6266 coming soon

Bought my first house last year. Got married last year. Wife is now 6 months, it’s a boy, so I’m already starting to look around at Jr. Dragsters (can never start them too early!)

Bought a 2010 Camaro. It sucked. Traded it in for a 07.5 duramax. Patiently waiting for new 6th gen camaro to come out and praying it doesn’t suck as well.


Is that really Whitey’s 240?

I wouldn’t know, never seen it from that angle. :mamoru:

Also, this:

So many people handling my critical infrastructure up in there.

Nice bucket, I’m over in Brookline, not too far from you.

awesome cars…

still have my S14 and also have an E90 M3 as a daily.


Holy shit. People still post here at all? WOW.

Also, Whitey’s 240 looks like total shit now…shame. The whole stanced thing is as stupid as it was when the Japanese started it in the 80’s.

look at all the whores around here… i feel sticky

Wish this place would get back off the ground. What happened to PGHCE?!?!?

Wasting some time this morning and checked into Pittspeed.

Stepdaughter will be graduating from Pitt soon. Daughter started middle school.

Still have the Trans Am with the 383 stroker and actually drove it a few times.

Daily driving the 2010 Mustang GT, Laurie drives the 2011 GMC Acadia. We (she) just picked up a 2004 Nissan 350Z with only 17,600 miles on it.

Same house but with a pool now. Doh! In the process of building a 44’ x 33’ Ipe deck around it. Double doh!


I read a post on another site about old websites you used to visit and this one came to mind.

I’ve sold all my S-10s and Blazers. Never did finish making the older one fast. It was at my parents place when I moved. I didn’t have enough space to store OR work on it.

I sold my bike. Some dude in Moon is poseur-ing around with it now. I hated selling it to such a douche.

Got married. Avoiding kids. Bought a house. Still working the same job.

Only time I’ve turned a wrench in the past few years was to fix shit as it breaks on my Si or the ol’ lady’s G6.

Now that I think about it, its kinda depressing.