Some before and after pics..

The old Rieger lip and Oettinger grill.

And the new. OEM RS4 front bumper with RS4 grill

how hard to mount that front bumper?

direct fit???

both look good but i like the first better

woops … edited cause i suck at audi trivia now, lol

EDIT: sniper, dont u have the recess filler plate, or is that part of the license plate bracket ? my memory isnt serving me correctly today

No it’s not a direct fit. The RS4’s fenders are wider then a US spec A4/S4 so allot of trimming heating up and molding took place to get the thing to fit right… And not to mention having to offset the bumper shocks.

Your thinking of a S4 bumper. The RS4 is a Euro spec bumper, they do not come with the recess plate… No need to in the european market.

thats a hell of a difference , did you just heat and bend that bumper as it was, or did u modify the internal bracing to help suck the ends in some ?

hmmm … i wonder if the s4 piece could be trimmed and attached using a few rows of double sidded tape

i donno if it would look better w/ the panal gap w/ the filler installed, or just left as a recess …

I saw it last night, very nice.

That’s impressive, why not go with one of the aftermarket bumpers that looks the same, yet fits? Lots of work to make that real on e fit. Too bad you didn’t get the fenders too :wink:

Looks way better.

Lets see her with the new coilovers.


looks nice! is that snow in the one pic? EW!

There actually is a noticeable difference from a OEM and a Rieger kit. The Rieger bumper side vents are just laid in there and looks cheep, the headlight squirters lay on-top on of the bumper where as the OEM ones are flush, and the rieger comes with no bumper support built in to it. So you have to rip all your out of your old one,and it’s a total pain in the ass to mount, and last OEM just looks best in the Audi community…

I’ll get some up today…

:tup: i like it, looks hot

Much better, I wasnt big on that reiger lip. Looks very nice now.

hmmm… I have an OEM RS4 bumper at my shop. It’s joe’s (audios)… he was looking to sell it a while back…it still sits there in the factory packaging.

If you have more pics of the fabrication… let me know, i’d like to see exactly how that one was done and maybe i’ll get joe’s done for him on his S4.


RS4 look is much hotter

Yeah I’ll be at O Sat night I can explain it then, or maybe I could swing by your shop. Wheres it at??

more VW’s have bodykit’s than honda’s. :bloated:

proof or ban.

OMG badgeless grill OMG.