some dive pics from jamaica
this puffer was fucking huge
1 fish 2 fish red fish blue fish
i have no idea what that was, but it was big and coming my way
this turtle was cool, he was following us around
this eel kicked the crap out of some other eel that tried to get all up in his hole.
this is me going into a cave. it was pretty cool. it opened up into this huge room, with this giant chunk of coral that looked like a throne.

Those pics are awesome, I want to go diving sometime.

Don’t you need a license?

its like 300 beans and 6 weeks (1 class a week)
discover diving on transit by broadway

Nice! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. What does the course consist of? Is it pen and paper or hands on kind of instruction?

like 2 hours of class time and 2 hours of pool time (full gear) per week, and then 5 check out dives at the end. you can actually do it in like 3 weeks. they offer classes a couple days a week, so you can double up on classes.

nice pics I wish I was there right now :frowning:

Is that all your own gear? If so how much was all the stuff you need to dive? When I used to play paintball, I looked at diving equipment while getting scubas filled. That stuff can get pricey…

i rent a BC and reg… i need to pick them up this year. yea, they are retardedly expensive.

these pics, while totally bitchin’, are nothing compared to the in-person explantaion i recieved last night.


i rock at teh drunken story telling.

Awesome pics man, i always wanted to try and scare a puffer fish so he gets all big for me.

I got my license in florida…1 week for full PADI certification. go to a touristy area and they give you a crash course, get you certified and get you in the water…If your a strong swimmer and have plenty of skin diving experience you’ll be fine, if not, take the full course.

Awesome pics tho, I would love to go diving somewhere like that…I was gonna go in teh bahammas but my GF isn’t certified so we just went skin diving.