some photos of the STI (56k no good)

I’m not a fan of Suburus…

But the car, and pics look wicked nice at night man.


thx, i need to get my hands on a digital cameral with fstop and shutter speed settings. most of the pictures were to dark

there is a car in those pics?

get some better ones man

not to be a dick :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the darkness give your car a mean and agressive appearance.

^^^ It just looks pissed off, and ready for action. I personally like pictures like this. Not too dark, but not at all bright.

haha like i said, i need to get my hands on a better camera once i get back to school

edit: thx z24

I like this one so I tried to make it less dark lol

:word: just a little too dark, nothing some more exposure can’t fix. That lightened pic in front of pearl street is good tho, your car looks very shiny. Such a hot ride :tup: keep up the good work!

Why arent you posting on by the way i had mine for a year as of 4 days ago. Enjoy the ride, she’ll take good care of you.


nice sti, when’d you get it?

why’d you join here as wickedcivy when you got rid of the civic to get a subaru?? lol

nice ride by the way

got the STi from john betley up at northtown… got it shipped over from a dealer in rochester. used wickedcivy still since i figure more people would know me by that name instead of a new one. :smiley: … thanks for the comments guys… and i prob should take some time and photoshop the pictures alittle

edit: just posted them up on buffaloscooby

I guess you did belong to buffalo scooby already


lookin good :tup:, some daylight pics would be :pimp: too though

i think we all know what a stock wrx looks like eh? nice shots tho!

Watch your mouth son! Thats an STI not a stock WRX

uh, yea.

sedlmeier101 wrote:

i think we all know what a stock wrx looks like eh?

Apparently not.