Some "required" reading, and a few good links

Just wanted to stick this up here. I made a similar post on another fledgling forum, in hopes of getting this section some attention and a good start.

Anyone that’s even remotely interested in getting into auto-x, time trialing, or road racing, should take some time and read some of those articles. Hell, even if you’re NOT interested in racing, and just want to imporve your driving, it’s worth a look. I would also reccomend a pair of books; “Secrets of Solo Racing” by Henry A. Watts, and “Sports Car and Competition Driving” by Paul Frere.

By no means is any of this necessary, but having this knowledge before you start trying to learn is invaluable.

I thought it might also be good to add a few links to some of the organizations/websites I have.

Eastern Motor Racing Assosciation:

National Auto Sport Assosciation:

Sports Car Club of America:

And a couple of my favorite general motorsport application retailers:
Tirerack comp tires section. This is where I and many others get most of their tires:

NICE freakin’ links man, that’s a super resourcesful post right there…