somebody on here needs to pick this up

i was cruising eBay today and came across this:

ive seen this truck around here a lot and have always liked it. this is the truck that inspired me to get a Dakota R/T in the first place. it has:

Stillen front bumper
Cervinis hood and grill shell
clear corner lights
tonneay cover
cf tail lights
LED line of fire
3rd brake light molded into Viper style rear bumper
Hitchkins suspension (lowered 2" fron 3" rear)
blue undertbody neons
Moapr performance headers
Flowmaster racing cat
Mangaflow Magnapack
Sneaky Peat cam
ported and polished intake manifold
52mm throttle body
K&N intake
re-programmed ECU
MSD ignition
shift kit
traction bars
373 gears

this truck is absolutely amazing, and its pretty fast, i kno Jesse (Muscle50) knows the seller and im sure can vouch for what a great truck this is. someone should really pick this up id hate to see it leave the area. for what he is asking for it, its a hell of a deal considering everything that has gone into it and how much time has been put into it taking care of it. everytime i have seen it, its always benn amazingly celan and i dont think it was beat on at all.

LOL… I saw that car today… in my neighboorhood. haha.

Actually looked pretty cool when I glanced at it.