SON240SX > Honda @ AutoShow 2010

Pics below.

As you are aware, the Honda booths at the Auto show were made to show commercials for Honda vehicles, They should have programmed it better. When you clicked on several options at the selection screen it caused the program to crash. So I took advantage of the situation, locked home page to … a website + disabled mouse, keyboard and all other options, so essentially “stuck” at a… websites. After a short while a Honda attendant picked up on it and kicked me off, threatening to kick us out. Good luck to that, didn’t work. But the damage was done. 1 Point for SON, 0 Honda

A bit closer of a look…

Excellent work men!



woo woo !

The best part is the booth it is housed in.

“Today…Tomorrow” then in the booth is Nissan.

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epic win



oh man… LMAO.

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^ What about Free stickers? :smiley:

nice job scotty boy

scott, i knew you were a sneaky fuck, but not this sneaky lol



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ahhaha nice job, well done