Speed or Looks?

Which would you rather have?

Now before you go sayin both, just assume that you had the choice of…

a) having a good looking car that gets a few looks but is SICK fast (say its a 140 trap car)


B) having a great looking car, that gets lots of stares, has a much more noticable road presence, but is not quite as fast. (say its a 115 trap car)

Which would you choose? Why?

car “A” because it will get you the money AND the respect

id rather have a car thats faster then it looks… keeps you out of trouble w/ the popo when your taking it easy

I’d rather have car “A” as well… sure, nobody looks at first, but whether you race light to light, or at the track, head will most definitely turn.

And anyways, isn’t it more fun being the underdog?

Car A… Nothing better than getting the jaw-dropping look from unsuspecting n00bs who get blown away.

Car A, without a doubt. The only cosmetic mods i’ve ever done have been adding different wheels. This has been because the stockers either A: didn’t fit over my brakes, B: had snow tires on them, or C: had race tires on them.


I dont mind drivng shit looking cars, done it my hole life. Speed for sure.

I’m saying B. 115 traps is nothing to laugh at… it will do better than most. And then you can just put a polished bottle of NOSS in the trunk… and call it a day.

A. but i want the handling too. as long as the car has a clean look, i dont care how many stares it gets…when it is back-country twisties time, there is noone but rednecks to stare anyways…and they stare cuz i have teeth.

Car B

lets face it, im not drag racing for a living. if i can have a car that turns heads, beats 98% of cars on the road, and can autox and have full interior, im on board. besides, last i checked, 115 trap for a street car is nothing to look down on :gotme:

B I’m gonna assume that the car will run better and have less problems too. It’s really tough to get a car to trap 140 and still fuction as gracefully as a car from the factory.


I think you can have both, but right now my car is neither, but it does get lots of stares from 18yr old high schoolers whom I would like to poop on

I agree with Xander…

I’ve already made my choice. I built a pretty fast monte but i hated not knowing if it was going to start the next time I tried. Infact… I was driving the monte to a BARF meet when my transmission decided to blow. It sucks when your car is unreliable.

Now it’s nice having a decent looking car that’s reliable and I don’t have to worry about dropping a bunch of money if something breaks (warranty). On the other hand, it sucks when you have a really nice car and want to drive it downtown, but you’re scared to park it in an alley.

B) 115 trap is good enough for me… reliability, yea pretty much everything everyone else said.

if ur gonna build a car that looks dope, u better have something under the hood to prove its worthy. Thats like having a ferrari with a geo prism motor, its pointless. I like fast cars just as much as the next guy, but i like to drive in style as well. IMHO u need a good mix of both worlds, i vote A and B!!!

yea but thats not what he said, option B is not a slow car. its just not a stupid fast car, like option A…

Car C.

Essentially it was car A, but I sold some go fast mods on it, to make it more reliable…and bought myself some spinnas. Now I get the best of both worlds. Racing through the suburbs i beat all you guys, rollin in B-LO i get all the stares yo.


115 trap is plenty fast enough for me, still be a ton of fun to drive plus it looks pimp


Still respectable speed and I can do the cruise/show thing.

B, im a ricer

how great of a daily is a car going to be that traps 140? idle is probably horrible and uncomfortable as hell to roll around in, plus 115 trap in a awd is money