sperm donation banks?

Are there any around here? Sombody told me its a good way for fast cash lol.

does this help?


There’s one in Roch too.

…the stupidest thing i have ever heard

^why stupid?

because kids who were created because of sperm banks are now winning cases in court that allow them to find out who their “daddy” is even though it was suppose to be :snky: sperm donation. So unless you want to risk some random kid showing up at your door 20years from now saying “Remember when you went to that sperm bank? Well im your son/daughter.” i would say find a different way to get cash.

so true^^

i dunno how anyone can live with randomly giving sperm away and not knowing you have a son/daughter out there partially created by yourself, just because when you were younger you needed a hundo or two. finances cant be that bad

i cant work due to a bad shoulder injusy and im knee deep in bills i cant pay. im despirate for $ and thats getin paid for somthing i do anyways so wtf…why not?

Bad shoulder = can’t jerk off either.

you’re kidding… right?

you may not get paid if you on medication. They want clean peeps, no drugs.

hmmm…that would suck. yeah im not trying to be gross or anything by this thread its a serious question, i know some people that do that when their low on cash, easy money and fun fun fun!

there was a thread about this a loooong time ago (on the other forum). people were even talking about car-pooling or using it as a “meet”. :lol:

anyway though – from what i remember from that thread – be ready for not only drug testing but for IQ testing and whatnot as well… seems like a lot of work for “easy money”… to each his own.

more info i just found:

more info:

giv plasma

um no

why not just sell a testicle to science for a few grand?!?!

sure if you want to grow a nice set of boobs and have the muscular features of a 80 year old man… then sure… :rofl:

I’ve have my I.Q. tested before…its 127, average is 100-110 I believe.

someone told me a few months ago that there was a place that you could sell a nut to for $250,000… but i doubt its that much

if you did why didn’t you ask them?