Sprint Percentage Off Your Bill

i know you guys are sick of me and my sprint shit… but im only trying to help you guys out!! come on…

if you work for a company on this list you get a percentage off your pcs bill…

heres the list…

Abercrombie & Fitch 15%
Accenture 24%
Adecco Employment Services 7%
Aflac (the duck) 11%
Airborne Express 23%
Alameda County Fire Department 15%
Alliance Title 10%
Allstate Insurance 15%
American Airlines 25%
Amtrack 12%
Anheuser-Busch 20%
AOL 24%
AppleBee’s 15%
Arco Gas Stations 20%
Arthur Andersen 20%
Avaya Inc. 16%
Avis Rent-a-Car 18%
Avon 15%
Bally’s 5%
Bank of America 23%
Bank One 20%
Berlex 10%
Best Buy 22%
Best Western 9%
Big Lots 7%
Blockbuster 16%
BlueCross/BlueShield 20%
Boeing 25%
Brinks Security 5%
Budweiser 20%
Burger King 15%
Capital One 12%
Carmike Cinemas 10%
Caterpillar 8%
Century 21 Realtors 18%
Cerner Corporation 15%
Charles Schwab 18%
Chase (JP Morgan) 25%
Check into Cash 9%
Chevrolet 12%
Chevron 20%
Cigna Healthcare 18%
Circuit City 18%
Cisco Systems 9%
CitiBank (CitiGroup) 25%
City Employees (WSCA) 15%
Client Logic 25%
Coldwell Banker 18%
Comcast Cable 13%
Comp USA 7%
Corporate Express 15%
Costco 20%
Countrywide Home Loans 13%
CSC 15%
Daimler Chrysler Motor Corp. 20%
Days Inn 18%
Dell 20%
Delphi 18%
Delta Air Lines 7%
DHL 23%
Discover Card 12%
Dish Network 5%
Dollar Financial Group 7%
Dominos 8%
Earthlink 18%
Eastman Kodak 20%
Eaton Corporation 15%
Edward Jones Investments 20%
Enterprise Rent-A-Car 23%
Ernst & Young 15%
ExxonMobil 15%
Farmer’s Insurance 10%
Federal Beaurau of Investigation (FBI) 13%
FedEx 20%
Fordham University NY, (Ramcell Program) 5%
Ford Motor Corp. 23%
Frito Lay 25%
GAP, Inc. 7%
General Electric (GE) 7%
General Mills 5%
General Motors Corp. (GM) 18%
Gevity 15%
Goodyear 8%
Guaranty Bank 9%
Gymboree 9%
H&R Block 15%
Hallmark 13%
Hertz Rent-A-Car 23%
Hewlet Packard (HP) 23%
Hilton 13%
Hollywood Video 12%
Home Depot 15%
Honda Research 18%
Honeywell 18%
Hospitals ? 25%
Humana Insurance 18%
IBM 25%
IKON Office Solutions 15%
Infospace 9%
International Paper Company 15%
Jackson Hewitt 18%
JC Penney 13%
Johns Hopkins University 18%
Johnson & Johnson 18%
JP Morgan (Chase) 25%
Kaiser Permanente 23%
Kaufman Broad 5%
Kelly -Moore Paint Co. 5%
Kelly Services 15%
KinderCare Learning 24%
Kinko’s 5%
K-Mart 15%
Kohl’s 5%
Kraft 23%
Lane Bryant 8%
Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies 10%
Limited Brands 15%
Lowes 9%
Lucent Technologies 25%
Marble Slab Creamery 5%
Marshall Fields 17%
Mary Kay 15%
Matheson Truck Line 5%
May Merchandising 12%
May Tag 11%
McDonald’s Resturants 10%
McGraw Hill 10%
MCI 18%
Meals on Wheels 5%
Merrill Lynch 20%
Mervyn’s 17%
Memorial Hospital 23%
Metlife 18%
Metro One 15%
Midas 7%
Mitsubishi Motors USA 8%
Mobil Oil 15%
Morgan Stanley 12%
Motorola 24%
National Educators Association (NEA) 18%
National Universities 17%
NBC 25%
Northwest Airlines 25%
Northwestern Mutual 13%
Nissan Motor Corp. 10%
Office Depot 12%
Office Max 13%
Olive Garden 11%
Outback Steak House 10%
Owens Corning 10%
Payless Shoes 12%
Pearle Vision 13%
Panera Bread 5%
Partners Healthcare 23%
Penske Truck Rental and Leasing 25%
Pepsi Co. 20%
Petsmart 7%
Phillip Morris 23%
Pizza Hut 11%
Praxair Distribution 15%
PricewaterhouseCoopers 23%
Primedia, Inc 24%
Prudential California Realty 5%
Public Schools (WSCA) 15%
Public Storage 8%
Publix Supermarket 9%
Radioshack 15%
Raymond James Financial 11%
Raytheon 20%
Red Lion Inn 9%
Red Lobster 10%
Regal Entertainment 5%
Rent-A-Center 8%
Rockwell Automation 20%
Safeway 9%
Save A Lot 5%
Samsung 18%
Schering AG 15%
Science Applications International Corp 20%
Sealy Mattress 13%
Sears/Orchard Supply Hardware 25%
Sherwin Williams 18%
Southwest Airlines 15%
Sprint 23%
Starbucks 7%
State Employees (WSCA) 15%
State Farm Insur. 23%
Stewar Title 10%
Stop & Shop Supermarket 24%
Sunglass Hut 15%
SunTrust 18%
SUNY Albany 10%
Super 8 8%
Sutter Gould Medical Foundation 23%
Sysco 23%
Taco Bell 11%
Target 15%
Tenent 10%
The Body Shop 9%
Things Remembered 13%
Time Warner 24%
Toyota of America/Lexus 5%
Tricon Global (Yum Foods) 11%
Uhaul 12%
Union Pacific Railroad 11%
Unisys Corporation 20%
United Airlines 25%
Universal Studios 13%
United Parcel Service (UPS) 25%
Universities (WSCA) 15%
U.S.Military (only Navy??) 15%
U.S. Government 5%
US Postal Service 20%
Viacom (Incld. Blockbuster) 15%
Vons (Safeway) 10%
Wachovia Bank 20%
Walgreen’s (Corporate Level) 18%
Walgreen’s (Store Level) 8%
Wal-Mart (Corporate level) 15%
Wal-Mart (Store level) 7%
Walt Disney Company 12%
Washington Hospital 5%
Washington Mutual 10%
Waste Management 15%
Wearhouse Music 8%
Wells Fargo 20%
Westaff 10%
Weyerhauser 5%
Whole Foods 10%
Wilson Leather 5%
Winn-Dixie 10%
Xerox Corp. 18%
Yosemite Concession Service 23%

if you work at any of these just call and get your percentage off…

have these things handy… you work’s name address and supervisors name…

they don’t check trust me… i just called and i said i worked at boeing and i got 25% off my bill everymonth on top of what evolve hooks me up with… 25 percent plus 20 dollars off… can’t beat that…

if your gonna “fake” you work somewhere look up the address or info online… and use that always give the corporate number lol they refuse to check that… so they take your word for it… and make up a supervisors name… no one cares…

but heres to helping you guys out…

Bullshit they don’t check I work for sprint, They do random checks all the time.
Sure you might get lucky and not get caught, but I belive they can prorate you up to 3x the percentage since the month you started.

Verizon > Sprint

Sprint Free and Clear for only $5(basically using verizons towers when you cant get sprint) on a fair and flex plan>Verizon

I always go over my minutes, but on a fair and flex its only $5 per 100 minutes that I go over. Please drive your lumina to the nearest sprint store asap, get a phone from sprint and then come back and tell me how bad you think their network is.

My boyfriend has Sprint and from what he tells me it sucks ass. I also drive a Monte Carlo. Thanks for playing.

:lol: at both of you … steve i got the information from at guy AT the sprint store… thats why called and said eff it its worth a try he said all they can tell you is no…

they look up the info you give them in the computer so have the address and the [phone number of the company is what gets it they only ask for your supervisors name just to scare you if your lying… trust me try it and see…

anyone who works for client logic or did work there you can stil be entitled to your discount… use previous information obviously…

i will try to keep this list updated as best i can as i find out every few days of a few new places that get a discount. and for how much

hmmm…while i work at goodyear, i think i need to dig out my old best buy information and rake in the extra percentage :tup:

yeah you can use yourt old job info just say you still work there… they do not check they just wanna know… you just ask then you say hey my boss told me i was eligigble for a discount from sprint and ask how much it is for… and then give them the info and you got it … its that simple.


jeff told me about this a few days ago but i kept forgetting to call…

lol i called and said i worked at boeing… yeah BOEING… and they gave me 25 percent of my bill thats 1/4 off my bill plus jeffs 20 bucks…

Damnit, why does the Gap only get 7% :frowning:

a lot of the time for sprint it depends on the phone. they just put up 8 new towers in the buffalo area in the past month. Newest one was in tonawanda.

i already get the highest possible corporate discount, thanks though :slight_smile:

so then you have 27% cause that is the highest thus.far…

100% off is the best discount… but I won’t talk about that.

lol yeah thats called not having sprint thanks try again…

Sprint employees get an ok discount but companies like lay and boeing get the better ones for some reason…

meh oh well im gonna enjoy the 25 percent…

100% off, just pay the taxes is the best discount.

If you have a good phone it makes a HUGE difference!!!

I have a Sanyo 7400…and I have never dropped a call or had any service issues

I have had sprint for 2 years. I have hated it since day 1. Brand new phone (best one at the time) and i drop calls everyday. I go on roam everyday. When in Rome, your battery will die.

Customer Service fucking blows. The Sprint store on Union @ Georger Urban is always full, from open till close with people who are pissed about their service, pissed about their phones, and pissed about their bills.

I personally have been billed for calls after 9, calls to my other phone, and calls to my voicemail. All of which were credited to my account after the fact, but WHY WERE THEY BILLED TO BEGIN WITH??? I went back 5 months and came up with over $100 in charges they hit me for that were not legit. Of course I got the money back, over the course of 2-3 months, and the credit was taken out of my payments. 2 weeks after my GFs phone (in my name) was off contract they refused to fix the phone or replace it. WHY THE FUCK WOULD I WANT TO BUY ANOTHER CONTRACT WITH THEM??? Why would those stupid fuckers not want to just GIVE me a phone so they could continue to rape me on prices?

BULLSHIT their service is good. Go to Regal on transit… stand in front of the theater… and tell me your phone works everytime. Then borrow your buddy’s Verizon phone and make your call. Stand in my GFs bedroom… and try to make a call… this is 2 minutes from the Walden Galleria Mall, and less than 3 miles from the Sprint store… and I can’t get fucking service to save my life.


Thanks. Nov 23 I will be going to verizon. I will no longer drop calls. I will no longer be talked down to when I call India to speak to a representative. I will be given a free phone to replace a lost/stolen/broken phone the same day I walk into the store.

EDIT - Anyone happy with their sprint service, I recommend getting all the discounts you can while you are on contract, then go to Verizon when your contract is up.