Stealership. Pun intended.


well yeah, that’s what it says in the article :gotme:

how long ago was it? lawyer take time…

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Article original has date of 7/17/06



worst part is that i actually read the date :bloated:

rough day

(but not as rough as this dude’s month)

EDIT: good to see you back on here :tup:

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This guy should get together with John Hennessey and start a business.


haha :word:

Man thats messed up. Not as messed up as the time i got mad at mcgrass and posted his nudes in NWS but messed up still… :tdown: to that place.


“Yeah, we really wanted more money for the truck, so… We’re just going to go ahead and take it back and then sell it to you again…”


I don’t know what’s more fucked up, that dealership or the Tennessee legal system that hasn’t jumped on an obvious case of a stolen vehicle.


Plus the guy traded his old car.

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anyone see the vid where the upset customer drove right through the freakin showroom floor, got out, poored gas all over everything and lit that bitch right during normal business hours ha ha… Thats what should have been done…

seriously thats messed up…hes only out the 8k if they cashed his check…, but they stole the truck the next day…what about his trade?

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there was a vid of that!?!? Link please!!!

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ok, so heres what i want to know. the guy ownes the truck. it is his. it is titled to him, registered to him, and the papers were all signed b4 he left the place. he stated that he still had the keys, so uh, y didnt he just go to the dealership and take HIS truck back?



Altough if I’m right, the dealership usually processes the DMV related paperwork. If I were a betting man, I bet all the papers he signed for his title, etc. are sitting on a desk and haven’t been filed.

Maybe he should roll over and take his car back, and LOCK IT IN HIS GARAGE. He does still have the key…


thats what i was wondering too


as requested. The guy later killed himself in the bathroom of a plane going to Miami.


:tup: THANKS!!! before, I had only read about it.

ATTN: srs really look.

id go steal it back, i know that for sure …

what are they gonna do ? as long as all the paperwork is in order, the dealership looses in court

a contract is a contract, no matter what … getting fucked on a deal doesnt void a contract

these bitches need to watch judge judy more often …


lol a similar thing happened to a guy I used to work with

he bought a rendevous from campbell chevy back when they were offering GM employee pricing for everyone. The car had a 3000 rebate on it, he put down 3000 and then he had a GM credit card that had about 3000 on it…so all in all he had at least half the thing down. His payments were stupid cheap. A few days after picking up the car he got a call from his dealer saying they couldnt accept the deal because he couldnt use his GM card and the employee pricing together. He wasnt about to have any of that and told the guy so. So the next day the sales manager calls him and apologizes for even asking to rehash the deal. They bit the loss and let him be on his way

so a big :tup: to them, another plus in my book for one dealer

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^ at least they didn’t steal the car back. They handled it more professionally. Also, they weren’t really losing money…he just paid a different way.


They lost 3gs on the deal, they couldnt get the money for the GM card savings


Wouldn’t you just go hire a lawyer and sue their asses for stealing your car.


^^^ nope, thats step two, lol

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