stopped at mighty last night to talk with a few members

i’m pulling out and these 2 domestics follow me down the road

lining up next to me 3 wide with their vid cam ready…YAY go time!

the gtp was 00+ i’m guessing…wasn’t stock at all…def had at least a exaust on it

the formula was older…stick too,had a few mods from the look and sound


light turns green, i pull about 2 car lengths in first…and busses and busses up thro the end of forth gear

more good kills for the sti

stopped and chatted and shared vids afterward, all in all good races and cool guys

i have a vid of the run but no where to host :slight_smile:


I can never find races anymore!

You got the car used right? I hope you’re not still breaking her in…

ya she was used…

had 6800 on it when i picked it up

good to hear, and good kills :tup:

no one ever races mind but caveliers and you already have 2 kills? whats up with that? although a legacy gt wagon revved on me the other day.

Good kills! The STIs around here mean business.


lol I have a few more than 2 since i’ve had the car…just gotta head up to the meets to get the races :slight_smile:

I was at mighty… but the Scooby I saw looked like a silver WRX wagon. Maybe it was just the long day… but I didn’t see the STI… unless yours is silver, and not a wagon.

I wish I would have know. WOuld have been a very good run.

I have kills, many kills involving v8’s but I just forget to post them :frowning:

lol jack that was me with the STi last night standing at mighty talking with you…it was the muddy silver sedan, dunno how you missed it

I’m up for a run next time we meet :slight_smile:

I have a vid of this run if anyone can host…like 12 megs i think

GTPs are remarkably gay. 06 STis are where its at :wink:

:tup: :tup: :tup: :slight_smile:


not too much of a fan on the new front end on the 06’s…eh maybe it will grow on me

eh, its not too bad. Theyll be getting some 06 WRXs in August, the stis dont come in till later…

werd and im slow.

But Petter’s gotten his hands on one or two already…

no trailer no care.

i think i saw you on the boulevard sometime saturday afternoon… lowered yellow evo with drug dealer window tints :snky:

if you are tired of picking on domestics all day and want a real challenge, let me know :wink:

good kill tho

unless ur pretty much stock its not gonna be much of a race…mine’s 100% stock