STiLLERs game anyone goin?

Ill actually be attending the game today to watch. Anyone else going down tonight?

I will be attending the game to watch as well…haha

I’ll be there in my seats, section 129

f that. i did the rain last monday night game.

Me too…but just like last Monday Night game I have club seats…so no rain for me.

10 rows from the field, I’ll be soaked again

awesome, nothing a little alcohol can’t take care of

i think ill be there, unless i sell my tickets, section like 537 nose bleed ftw, wont get rained on tho, i hope

I’ll be there but I REALLY don’t want to sit in the rain.

I’ll be there. Going out to buy a poncho in a little bit.

gotta work…

A woman in my office is selling tickets for tonights game for 70 each OBO. If anyone needs them, PM me and I’ll ask her.

We’ll be there section 134 row D :slight_smile:

Better hurry, they were almost out at Dick’s Sporting Goods this morning.

Hubby just went to get the “rain wear” from the warehouse. Including pants too. I’ll be nice and dry, and hopefully a little intoxicated :slight_smile:

guy at my work is selling 2 tickets to the game, 50 a peice. he’s a season ticket holder so im guessing their pretty good seats… I just dont want to be in the rain for a game that really isnt going to be a “game” we’ll destroy the dolphins

this is the mindset of the steelers also, and the reason they lost to the jets.

My mom found two ponchos in her closet this morning, so I’m good. I should’ve probably ventured out and bought one of those rain suits.

have u ever gone to a game? 50 dollar a ticket, those seats are not “pretty good”

Any tickets you can get to a Steeler game for 50/ticket are good tickets. That’s a hell of a price.

$50 is a heck of a deal for season ticket seats. The face value of ours are $74/ticket.

thanks, i didnt know that :stick: :hsugh:

im just sayin, hes sayin they must be “pretty good seats” thinking they are close or not high up, seats i have are 55 or 60 dollar face value, and they are section 537, and those are not “pretty good seats” but i dont complain cause i get to go to the games