street civic> street bike from standing stop

sick ass shit

dude on bike should go kill himself

i thought he’d be faster, with all that weight gone, and 540hp

looked like a 600cc bike he raced. car got some mph but like a few ppl say MPH dont mean shit :rolleyes:


haha, its a pretty nice rice rocket. I am fond of the hatches though also.

explain MPH there mr .JEEEEEEVES! :ugh2:

way you see it is he has more mph then his actual et. so therefore he has room to improve on his times.

mph = Distance/Time


I was at keystone Sunday and there was a 68 or 69 Conv. GTO there running 15 flat ant 100mph. And there are some people running a slower mph with a better et. I think I just confused my self. screw it… Jeeves explain

traction issues or poor launching

is the mph given at the track an average or highest speed?

but at that speed, he should make that up at the end of the track with the mph, in theory. correct

well then how can some ppl go 140 at 11.99 or some ppl go 11.99 at 110. one is hooking and got their car tuned right and the other has issues with tuning. 100mph should be low 14s to mid 13s[given the average]

my point they can make that time up at the end of the track…



mph, is an example of power/weight ratio

mph really isnt nothing talking about drag. Unless you rip out that hole, like a virgin on prom night.

no,to many differants,what if i cars has 3.73’s & the other has 4.88’s,with same hp motor? :beer:

well either way the car has room to improve they were just shake down passes and the car isn;t that light…it still have full interior