Student Kicked out of class for stating their are only 2 genders

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EDIT: Just emailed her -


“Learning Institutions” are no longer about education and constructive discussion and debate. Those in power have decided to only teach force others to agree with their political views and opinions.


I think this last election showed them that people were straying from the pasture, so it’s time to start grooming the next herd to start conforming to the liberal way.


I tried using white male privilege at the DMV yesterday, it does not work/exist. They told me I needed more ID for the Enhanced License, my fucking passport was not enough for them. Meanwhile I watched two Mexicans get their licenses no questions asked.


i did that sort of thing in university as well… thank goodness i am not in university today.




Any of you guys change your gender to female with your car insurance to get the lower female rates yet?


Tucker bringing us the news we can use






awesome lol so would he go to a female prison?


stop it, this is really real. oh man.