anybody else get this stupid virus bullshit with aim…sends a link to everybody in ur buddy list…BAH…screwed me over twice…so i’m staying on trillian for a while

yes i got it from you, just like those scabies. thanks a lot dickhead

Or, you can just not be a dumbass and download the link…

^^^yea thanks…but it sucks when u have ur away message up and it does it Automatically while you are sleeping… you don’t need to click on the damn link for the virus to work

yeah I hate you for it, you are blocked for that reason!


OK ASSES…i didn’t give you shit…i got it from other people…

I got it from you too… but I’m smart enough not to click it :slight_smile:

Uh, yes you do…

If your a sleep clicker…that could be the issue


i think i just got it from chris…


is it that link?

yeah you did, i kept trying to tell you not to click on it but when i would double click on your name it sent like 5 more to different people so i just signed off real quick.

sorry :frowning:

I have aol…lol but comp sucks so were evenly screwed lol.

im using trillian, but i didnt click the link from skunk anways.

got me asshole

don;t blame me for this shit assholes…i’m not the one that made this damn virus…same thing happened to me…i saw the link from a friend…i clicked…

uninstall and re-install aim

How come I never have these kinds of problems?

what the fuck is trillion???

i got that virus from aaron

and a bunch of others :snky: