need help with AIM

ok…i have AIM, MSN msgr, etc…im online on AIM and it keeps signing on and then off then on and off…but i can go to any website fine and consistently so i dont think its my powerlink… so i did a system restore to when i know AIM worked…but it still does the same shit…people IM with “y r u signing off and on again??” and i cant tell, just outta nowhere i see likie 123 people sign on, cuz it meant AIM was online again…what to do…what to do…its soo annoying

oh yea i cant talk to anyone on socom 2, that sux too, new mic, and the talk functino just doesnt work

maybe reinstall AIM? i dont wanna lose my DEAD AIM functions

triallan works good for me and it has just about all of dead aims functions

i think i had the same problem in the past, are you using the latest version of AIM?

i dont think so…but when i update i lose deadAIM…so i went back to an older version at one point…

trillian rocks…fuck aim

maybe im an idiot, but what is dead aim??

it lets you log you IM’s and some other cool features. Trillian does everything that dead AIM does though

Trillian does eveything dead aim does PLUS more. AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, IRC… plus it is fully skinable.

Get rid of dead aim, i bet you that is what is screwing it up

I use aimutation for logging and skinning purposes… it does have other features as well. I use it because I despise Trillian

i just like for the tabbed IMs

i am sure the developers made trillian just to piss you off

trillian is the poo… take a big sniff