Swiss Minimum / Gauranteed Income


havent really seen this on any reputable sites but tehre must be something to it if i’ve seen it on a couple other sources. it’s pretty fresh too.

some interesting stats on US income by state too.


An average Swiss worker would take home a minimum wage equivalent to $20.59 per hour ($2,800/136) if the referendum passes.

Can you imagine paying someone over $20 an hour to flip burgers at McD’s?


I stand by my theory that a high minimum wage would solve nothing. Paying $20 to menial workers means the more productive members of society will almost surely either demand a rate hike as well or stop being productive. My 2 cents.


^ Agree, this plan is full of holes.

Worse yet, can you imagine paying $18 for a big mac meal, I can’t even bring myself to pay $6 for one now.


The Swiss are pretty much all in agreement that this will never pass. They are too proud of a nation and the majority have strong values planted in education and hard work. Their unemployment is 2-3% for a reason.


Before you get all excited…Remember that everything costs twice as much there if not more


in some countries they would say “can you imagine paying people so low they can work full time and not afford healthcare?”


For all our Canadians out there:


When i was in Switzerland it actually did cost $18 for a burger and fries at Wendy’s.


So if everything is twice as much there this would be comparable to a $8/hr wage here :lol:

And welfare already pays more then minimum wage in most states here

So how is this useful?


That would suggest to me they don’t have the tax loopholes we do and their money supply is cycling properly domestically. It wouldn’t be $18 if they couldn’t afford it en masse, right? :slight_smile:

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In the countries that would say that…the tax rate is something like 40-50%, no? And their elite wealthy are probably not quite as sheltered from the tax burden like ours are here in 'Murica.


Pretty sure your link was posted snidely; implying that the concept is stupid… then you read the wiki article and come up with this:

or in other words, minimum income appears to address all of the core social issues underpinning the majority of problems in the US (health care, education and psychiatric issues that lead to mass shootings) but somehow minimum income is still bad…because… just because :slight_smile:

i’m not siding either way, i just think your post was way more ironic than you thought it would be :slight_smile:


did someone just say the Swiss don’t have tax loopholes?

my ‘are you fucking kidding me’ thing just went off :slight_smile:

the whole country is a tax loophole.


if it’s on Reuters I guess it’s real.


I suspect Beck got you worked up and now your “kidding me thing” is going haywire. :wink: How can Swiss citizens afford $18 Happy Meals if THEIR money is fleeing THEIR domestic economy and being parked overseas. My point is that THEIR elites aren’t shipping THEIR economy overseas, I supposed that didn’t come through in my prior post. I’m very aware that OUR elites enjoy the loopholes Switzerland offers.


i’m not all worked up, it’s been a while since we’ve had a good one of these… BRING IT!!!

i wasn’t even going to click the mincome link but after reading it i couldnt resist


Switzerland is a tax safehaven for the entire world. Co-incidentally, they have a shitload of money in their banks to build wealth on. That’s PROBABLY one of the contributing factors to their decent wealth.

As others said, it will never pass. The Swiss are rather conservative, they believe mostly in hard work and strong ethics, not in handouts.


It wasn’t snide. It was referring to the fact that governments have tried this before.


well then i apologize but let’s still argue please.

  • i edited down my comment.


Arguments shall begin in 3…2…1…


Short term = Open shop, Sell rims = Profit
Long term = Inflation