Tactical Cargo Pants

Anyone know where to get these locally? Stain/Rip resistant pants that are black.

I checked Dicks Sporting Goods but now what I am looking for. Any other ideas?

maybe that army surplus store or something, gander mountain?

uncle sams on exchange street has a ton of this stuff.

Yea they are closed today. Looking for any other possible alternatives.

have to be local? i know a good online store that sells these…rangerjoes.com

yea i really need to try stuff on. i have a weird size and fit so its hard for me to find pants that fit right

Anyone can get cargo pants. A real badass gets the new ones with the built in tourniquets contained in little velcro flaps. Get shot, just open the flap, pull the strap and twist till you stop bleeding. :slight_smile:

Tent city downtown

i bought mine at Northeastern on Walden past the Flea market on the other side of Union… i think thats the name

Try a uniform supply store. I think there is one in Amherst.

Get a pair of 5.11 tactical pants. I highly recommend them.