Tesla Model III (3, Three) $35k


hmmm might be?


have the remember that how this whole thing really works is that battery prices come down faster than retail prices. they end up ahead of the competition and that margin is the profit.


… just going by Bing’s thread


$70k for to 60kw battery.

$93k for the 85kw battery.

This is for the S.


This. I really only mean to talk about the 85 KW version due to the range capabilities. I should have clarified. Plus that $93k is before adding any options.


I wonder what the future of the tuning and racing world looks like with the advancements of EVs…custom drive programs? Overvoltage? Capacitor Banks? <–NAWZZZZZZZ


I wish someone I know locally would get one of these


It would be a nice way to make some money


I dont know the details on what a “supercharger” entails, but there is a charger at the tops on main st in amherst. I see a model S there regularly-- I assume its the owners.


A Supercharger gives you 80% charge in 20min or something like that. Those chargers are much slower.


i seen a station at ub but still wouldnt buy a electric car


Good talk. Thanks for dropping by.


Please elaborate as to why you wouldn’t buy a car that outperforms your three series and costs less to purchase and fuel?


Honestly i always thought it was cool to charge your car. But not sure if im ready for the electric car world as far as modding i seen a kid on ub with a telsa i think it was drop and had rims look really nice. it may out perform my 3 series stock for stock but i dont know the future of performance parts or market for a electric car. It may be for some people but i have to see it sit on the market


I am very curious to see what happens with the tuning world. It seems to me that electric cars are going to be able to push the limits of tires/traction right from the manufacturer.


yeah i seen the telsa s number i think the model s but as far as anything besides tuning idk what else you can do to the car


i seen what you did there


:bigclap: this kids English fail was driving me crazy.

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Unfortunately, this trend is slowing. Manufacturing costs are reaching a minimum and now we’re seeing the cost of materials become the key driver. There’s no clear path for less expensive materials.

A more intelligent method would be to address the poor utilization and robustness of material inherent to laminated thin film electrodes by using a different manufacturing process (i.e. there’s a limitation on how thin we can manufacture wet slurry particulate electrodes). This has gained some traction lately, driven by the state of battery models (continuum -> multiscale). This really sets a blueprint for what parameters we need to address in order to increase material utilization within a battery electrode. Keep in mind, this changes the material property requirement on a mesoscale (and likely nanoscale) as well.

For so long, scientists have avoided the manufacturing process. It’s turning out it’s an enabler for different (hopefully less expensive) materials.


I wanted to go to a M4 next year from my 135M. I think this may make me hold out and see how it plays out. I love this company and the more and more charging stations esp all over the thruway now, I am really interested to see these.


$35k before incentives. I wonder if he can deliver…

Musk has said in the past that the Model 3 would cost $35,000, but tonight he clarified that figure doesn’t include any state or federal tax incentives.

Just the Feds will give you $7,500 for going electric, which puts the real sticker price of the Chevy Bolt at $37,500. And if Tesla used the same math GM is promoting, that would mean the Model 3 would come in at $27,500 after current incentives.

Musk reiterated other facts about the Model 3, including the that it will be around 20 percent smaller than the Model S – which he admits is a big car – and that some things that are standard on its big brother will be optional on the 3 – which is sure to help that $35,000 price.