Tesla Model III (3, Three) $35k


as a tax payer the govt. shouldn’t be kicking in any money on something with a waiting list/ high demand… but this is going off topic.


im interested.


Any word on a time frame to see more details on this thing? My one big worry is that the $35k base model will be too watered down and the ‘performance’ package will add $20k+ to the final price. Just look at the Model S. That car ranges from $70k to $110k. I can’t imagine doubling the price of the model 3 with options, but I’m not sure what to expect at this point.


Well, look how much the price of a 3-Series varies from base to ///M. I’m anticipating a big jump from base to P85D (assuming it’s offered.)


when is the X coming out?


Just got pushed back to Q3 of 2015.

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That’s a good point, but those cars see completely different drivetrains, body packages, etc. We’re talking about just changing the battery packs and inverters to make more power on these.


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I can’t wait. this is gonna be cool and by the time they come out with it, Elon will be like, oh ya this has 400 mile range.


We don’t really know that. It could have ///M style features added (flairs, wheels, etc) but yeah that could very well mean it will cost less than an M3.

I’m assuming of course that they even make a performance version of this car, lol.


I’m sure they will have a similar hierarchy to the Model S. Some people just want an electric car. Some people want one that out-performs the competition. Either way I’m excited to see what they come up with. I just want it to happen already!


So we’ll know soon-ish what this thing is all about :tup:


supposedly coming out in 2017 for said mid 30’s price range. Supposed to have 200+ mile range and be faster than an m3. Yes please.


daaamn. the price is appealing…being quick is appealing…having all sorts of new technologically advanced things to play with sounds nice…

I just like burning things though. If it wasn’t my only car maybe i could dig it for commuting to work. It would be a tough decision


What are the chances of it actually being 35k? Most people seem to think its going to creep up to 50k


I was assuming this was the price after incentives like they did with the S, but then I read an interview where Elon said it was the price before. I mean who really knows.


It will probably base at $35k for sure and option up well past that.

The only thing that has me “worried” about this car is this:

Is he talking about looks being different? Performance? Function? Is the THRΞΞ getting falcon doors or something?


At least none of the Tesla models are ugly…I don’t expect them to come out with something that looks like a prius.


The Model X is kinda ugly IMO.


FYI I had a volt for a week and it’s a pretty cool car honestly. It isn’t that slow, deff faster then most econoboxes. Plus being about to drive past the 40 miles on gas is a really nice function. Over a week and maybe 400 miles I spent $7 in fuel and maybe $5 in electricity


Moved out of Texas and look what happens :frowning:


Heh I’m the opposite. I love vintage vehicles and won’t sell my 240z or anything, but for a daily driver I would love to have zero emissions. Anything as quick as an m3 that’s currently depreciated to $35k gets awful gas mileage, and that’s part of the reason I sold my m5.

It’s totally different strokes for different folks and I get people love exhaust note, I surely appreciate it too. But the reliability of electric motors is through the roof, maintenance will be wheel bearings and brakes after 100k, and the user interface is so damn nice.


I did the Tesla driving event in Rochester a couple weeks ago, did it in just the p70d. They said all their cars have the capability to be fully autonomous when the technology is ready. Just needs to plug in for the software update.

I bet the Model 3 will be the same way