The Dutch Reach (Auto Related, Work Safe)

Ya learn something new every day. Makes good sense:


Makes sense, still won’t do it.

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The Dutch are so friggin tall that it probably does nothing for most of them. I’m 6’ and feel like a midget around them. (The woman too)

My father-in-law is 6’ 8" and his sisters are 6’ 2". I feel like the little guy (6’) at family functions.
Good tip for safety, especially with more people biking right now.

I live in the city so this seems like a good thing to put into practice. I’ve had one “oh shit” moment when a bike was skimming along close to parked cars.

Thank god I don’t live in a city.

And honestly, after 2020…I definitely never live in a city.

Burb life FTW…or better yet, Middle of NOWHERE life FTW.

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Haven’t you heard? Antifa and BLM are heading to the burbs and rural areas next.

Of course…

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