The "I have Carfax available" thread


I was gonna put this in classifieds but I figure I would put it here and let the mods move it as they see fit.

I have it for 30 days unlimited.

If you want one…I will do it for a couple bux per vin payable via paypal.



TTT…You dont have to pay me…however it would be a nice gesture lol



and i have a 1/2 tray of lasagna sitting at my moms house a block down from you … stop and pick that up grab that wastegate … and bring your ass over here for money and beers

Has anyone dumped Time Warner if so please help

yeah i have one too, it just got annoying running 10 of them a day for people on EVERY SINGLE car they were looking at, i only do it for friends now.

GL lol


All requests have been processed.


right on time! Wait…a friend of mine need your help…

thank you!


Ok…but just keep in mind that 1 or 2 is fine…dont give me a list of 10 vin’s and expect me to act quickly.



Yep, it’s only 1.



Here’s the VIN:

Thank you in advance!




hey would ya mind lookin up a vin for me ,im goin to check on a parts car just wanna see if any panels been hit that i cant make out…


Sure…just let me know the vin


I would like one for my old Iroc I just got back.To see It’s history.I’ll send ya the PM when I get home


I will gladly pay!





can you look this one up?


thanks from one fellow z owner to another




thanks a lot. if i had paypal i’d hook you up but i don’t.





Great idea. Stickied.

I would suggest that those of you who have them available annouce it in big red letters, and then edit them back to normal black font to end your availability. This would help to make it easier for us with reading comprehension problems. :slight_smile: Just a suggestion.

EDIT: Or just edit/delete your post.