The "I have Carfax available" thread


Crap not the car fax season


VIN#: WBSNB93568CX08011

Email: yellowaudi at





Does anyone by any chance have an auto check available? Need one asap and out would be greatly appreciated!!


click the link :picard:


That link is for a carfax…I need an Auto Check. There is a mileage discrepancy on the carfax which the auto check may not show.


my bad. GL with that one.


Bump…now that Dave’s subscription was over I was hoping to find someone with one. Anyone? Looking at VIN 1J8HR78307C660895


Does anyone have a carfax now??


Can anyone run JF1GD70674L519346 for me and pm it to me or email to Thanks


can anyone run vin WBAUC73518VF23535

need this one asap if anyone can help


looking to buy a e36 can someone run this VIN :slight_smile: wbaf3324sef50832 email


1FMCU22X9TUD25343 Ford Exploder, I’ll throw a few bucks to first responder so include your Paypal email address. You may want to pm me before to see if I got a report already


Can someone run this one for me, it would be much appreciated:

VIN # JTKKT624065017405


anyone in here need a carfax and wanna split the month long one? i see there are 3 or 4 of us that need one right now


If someone does have a carfax available I could use one…


skenney41 AT gmail DOT com

many many many thanks


If someone could run this, I would appreciate it.



If anyone has Car Fax available please PM me. They want me to pay over $700/month for it. No dealer my size can afford that.


Anyone still have a carfax available. I need one for JM1NB353XY0143294. You can pm me or email me at Thanks!


Anybody have access to Carfax for me?