The "I have Carfax available" thread


Bump if anyone have access to carfax $10 for a report. let me know pm me asap. Thanks!


i need a motorcycle vin ran, any help?


Can someone please run this vin and email it to me. Thanks in advance.

VIN# 1J4GW48S02C163267





vin 1HGEJ8146WL021897



i need car fax for this
please help



How many times is this guy going to post up???


I guess that he really needs a car fax and is way too poor to deal with it.

LOL this is the car he is trying to buy. I am 100% correct about his poorness:


bump. anyone have a carfax account currently?

edit: its 45 bucks for 8 carfax reports so if 4 people want to send me 9 bucks via paypal we can just do that if no one has an unlimited account


Is there anyone that can run WBSCK9335WLC86402 for me? You can PM me or email Thanks in advance!


Anybody still have a Carfax available? I’m in need of one.


Anyone have a carfax? KMHCF35GX2U159800?


Can someone please PM me if you can still do any sort of carfax or equifax for me. I will gladly pay via paypal.




I have Carfax checks available. $5/car. 4 cars left. Paypal $5 and the car’s VIN and I’ll email the report back to your paypal address. If you want it sent to a different address please include that in the paypal notes.


Sending you money now mike


Sent you the full report as a PDF file. Let me know you got it OK.
Two other people paid.
1 left already!

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All gone thanks!


Anyone with a Carfax available?




WAULC6AE03A241494 prease