The "I have Carfax available" thread


I tried simplevincheck, but paypal says they are currently unable to accept payment.

I could use a carfax for JTHFF2C23A2503396



please pm me



I have Auto check available.

$5 per Car/Vin. If you need a report, text me before you send money.
716- 335-1365

VIN and Email needed.




let me know


Can anybody run this for me?


my username at verizon dot net


anybody have cf right now? Looking to possibly pick this up this weekend


DO NOT BUY THAT 99 ///M3!!!

Accident / Damage
Damage reported on 04/2000. Accidents reported on: 12/25/2001 and 06/24/2002. JESUS CHRIST!

I am emailing you the whole report now

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12/25/2001 New Jersey
Damage Report Accident reported
Involving front impact
It hit another motor vehicle
It hit a curb
It hit a tree
Front area primarily damaged
06/24/2002 New Jersey
Damage Report Accident reported
Involving left front impact
It hit another motor vehicle
Left front primarily damaged


Can anyone hook a brother up?

1D7HW48NX5S243616 Thanks!


Anyone please? I can send paypal
can email or pm


no longer needed…



anybody still doing this?

gtischler3 at gmail dot com


EDIT: Got it.



jfry08 at gmail dot com

Gracias amigos.

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Nevermind, it popped up automagically on the google.





Send to

Please and thank you!


I need a car fax for a buddy. Who can help and how much? I have the vin.

VIN: 2G1WD58C569393320


I got one, $10 paypal (send as a “gift” please) to You can post up the VIN here or PM me or e-mail, whatever works best.


Got the email. Ill send over late tonight or in the am. Thanks Mike


bump I still have this. If anyone needs one, just e-mail me at and paypal gift $10.



Thanks for the help!