The "I have Carfax available" thread


2HGFA55518H708226 - Anyone. Thanks I can paypal too.


Anyone? Can paypal also


Just sent both of you e-mails.




Right back at ya. Only 1 remaining on my account people so get at me if you need one!


Still have 1 carfax remaining if anyone needs one.


how much?

give me a pm, I wouldnt mind getting one for my car


Anonymity has dibs on the last one.


anyone have a spot open for a carfax?


Let me see if Anonymity still wants his. If not I’ll PM you.


Sounds good thanks
How many spots do you have open…I may need two


I only have 1 left.


Alright, Anonymity is definitely taking my last one. So rugsr, you’re probably better off getting a subscription and just selling the remaining 3 if you plan on getting 2 for yourself. This is the time of the year to do it since there’s a lot of interest.


Thanks livin…i didnt end up needing it since both cars i looked at didnt look that good
thx though


if anyone can hook me up…I need a carfax for:


just need to verify it’s not stolen and current owner is the guy selling it… (parts car)

Email is

Thanks in Advance if anyone can hook me up!



No longer have carfax available


How did it come out for my truck?




If anyone could help me out, i need someone to look up JT8BD69S720165954. I know it was in an accident, i just want to see when and where it happened


Can anyone save a brother $40?