The "I have Carfax available" thread


Any one have a sec?



I’m looking for a carfax-

I’ll buy you a 6pk of your choice…



Anyone able to help me out with one? Plz pm me


Anyone itching to carfax?


Anyone maintain a carfax or autocheck account?

Looking to pay someone monthly to share a vehicle history report account.

PM me please


Anyone willing to help me with a carfax for 1 car? i can paypal you 5 bucks for your time, PM me


Can anyone Run this for me? WBAEV53452KM01583


I’m about to buy a truck like today or 2m
Vin# 1FTPW14554FA29733

Email me please.

Thanks alot


googled the vin and found it


Anybody have one? I can donate a couple dollars. :slight_smile:


Pm me the vin

edit: scratch that. I only have mobile access and have no way of sending it to you.

edit 2: Unless you don’t care if it’s just the text. I can copy/paste that.


Pm’ed! Thanks!


Pm’ed back. If anyone else needs one just PM me a vin…


Include your email address in the PM. Some are over the character limit to send via PM


Could someone run a VIN for me plz? 2g2fv32g2w2220890


Anyone have it active currently?


I always have it… Pm me the vin


Also, if you want a carfax, put your email address in the PM. If I email it will actually give you the full actual carfax, if i copy and paste to a PM it’s just the text. Thanks.


Vin# 1G4GK4797FP415154

Can someone please help me out with a car fax. That would be great!


PM me your email address…