The "I have Carfax available" thread


WAUGL68E85A475497… My email is if someone can grab me the report that would be great !






Need a VIN run, can someone with a Carfax help me out?


^^PM b5a4.


Can someone please check for me- JA32W8FV2CU020867


Pm me your email address.


Still have carfox b5a4?
Is so let me know

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Yes I have it Russ. PM the vin and your email


Need a Vin run WAULT68E54A257613 AND WAUVC58E04A032437 thanks to any one who can help me out. Please email it to


Thanks b5a4, running that VIN and helping me avoid a salvaged 8 owner Accord with mileage discrepancies and a reported collision!


That was by far the worst looking report I’ve ever seen.


I knew something was funny when the owner told me the car had a salvage title because it was keyed “really bad” and had to be repainted…:ham:


Does anyone have a carfax available? Need a vin run


Need this vin ran asap truwt28n511022901

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Please email


Need a carfax for vin…WVWYH63842E005557 PLEASE email to gc8dreams@gmail thanks so much.


Something isn’t right with that VIN. Comes up invalid when i put it into carfax.


lets try again…WVWYH63B42E005557


Anyone have an available carfax?

I need one ran for a vehicle with a salvage title. Email to:


Let me know how much to pay you!

Paul B