The "I have Carfax available" thread


Originally from Florida. 3 owners. Clean, no damage. Came to NY in about 2010. Owner 3 - 8/18/2011


Thank you very much! :tup:

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Could someone please email me a history report?


nerdigger at aol dot com





@b5a4 got it, thanks!


Just pm me if you need any in the future.


If someone could please run WVWAK73C38P005595, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


oh its not looking good bro it looks like the future owner is a dick


Not for me, just looking to help someone out


can someone please help with a car fax on this vin#5TDKK3DC4BS124801
Thank you in advance


If anyone could help me out with a car fax it would be greatly appreciated, vin# JTDJT923175070109


Anyone still running carfax? If so, VIN #JM1NC25F970135350

Please and thank you. I can paypal.


Anyone able to run 2 for me? If so:


Please and thanks tons. I can paypal.


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Awesome! Thanks LZ :tup:


Can anyone check this for me? 1FACP41E9LF174165 email is LLink58 AT Yahoo . COM


Damn the link is dead

Can anyone run these for me?


Please and thanks tons. I can paypal.


I have someone interested in my car and they are asking for a carfax. Can anyone run this for me :


thank you so much!!


link to your autocheck report.


LOL - best trick ever - thanks!!