The "I have Carfax available" thread


Good find on the link :tup: Karma


could someone run this one for me?

danielpolk84 at


All I could come up with is that it’s a 2001 Triumph Bonneville no other info. I’ve found that in the past as well that some vehicle history reporters don’t like bikes for whatever reason


thank you very much.


If someone has car fax or similar and could run my VIN that would be amazing! Thanks in advance: 1B3ES66S33D234630



That’s a lot!



Anyone have this or a link that works right now?

EDIT- I’m set


who’s doing this stuff now? any recent links?


The autocheck bug was fixed again. So no freebies out there unless someone pays for them.


you mean there’s no such thing as a free lunch anymore? what is this world coming to?


I found this one:


There you go @Norb_O


Greetings all. I’m trying to help my nephew find a car and wanted to see if a VIN could be run on a Jetta we looked at over the weekend. I’ve tried some of the links above, and searched for others, but the bugs appear to have been fixed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. VIN 3VWRA69M04M038387




Used free one
thanks for help


Used the free one, no real information, can someone run the carfax for me. I can toss a couple bucks with PayPal if wanted.

thank you,


I need a carfax ran. Anyone able to?


I just picked up a 5 pack from carfax to help my father in law look for a car, then after the first one, he decided to hold off. I have 4 left. Shoot me $10, your email and the VIN and I can run it.


I’ll PP you $5 since the 5 pack is only $10 more than the single :slight_smile: