The "I have Carfax available" thread


Bump. 2 left by VIN. Expires thursday. If no one wants them, I’m going to run my first car and dad’s old vette.


Can someone run a VIN for me?


Anybody got a hookup? I can’t find a working one anywhere.

Vehicle in question is WVWAK73C56P180282


I’ve been finding this site to be pretty useful:


I would stay away from 06 Passats, its the first year of the new body, its the FSI motor (they only made for 2 years because of issues)
find a TSI passat or go down to a B5 passat
if you dont have the report ill see if i have time to run it at work monday.


If anyone’s still doing the carfax thing, I’ll gladly send a few $$$ via paypal.
Here’s the vin to a car I’m going to go check out in Pennsylvania. Thanks, Ken.



I have used this guy, I emailed him first to make sure the link was still active.