The New Guy

Sup, i’m the new guy…real quick question, anyone know some shops around Monroeville that can do quality work on my Z (1990 Nissan 300ZX to be exact)? :blue:

BTW Anyone know why when i try to save the editing to my profile (like the part where you put your contacts for AIM and your website) to tells me Invaid Birthday, when theres no place to even put your birthday?


welcome to the site… NA Z or TT Z?

Welp right now it’s N/A, but being theres 188,000 miles on the engine (dont get me wrong, still moves like a champ) i’ve already started puttin together funds for a TT Front Clip…but being the only one around where i live with a Z (that i know of) it’s hard to find help so i can do the swap, or even a shop that might help and do a good job. But i havent really been looking TOO much, being i’m up at skool during the week. Also before that engine goes it, since that engine bay is a HUGE HASSLE and everything so DAMN TIGHT, i only wana put that engine in once so before it goes in, also most everything you can do to that engine will be done, hoping for at least around 500 horses to the wheels…

a script must not have ran right when you registered… register a new name and i will delete this old account and change your name for you

hey can you delete my other name speedricer cuz i made that but didnt get an email to verify so it got all messed up

thanks whitey i orignally wanted speedricer instead of speedrlcer but i didnt get the verify email, thanks for verifying it for me

from what ive read but im far from an expert ist that fairly achievable in a TT 300z? as fr z owners i only know 1 kid and he lives down the street from me but hes useless. he thinks hes straight out of the fast and furious with his greddy midpipe, TT ECU and welded on straight through mufflers. ohh shit i forgot the black primer paint job

haha, yeah theres a LOT of those useless kids out there…i dunno, but around 500 horses is my goal and i aim to get there one day…with enough money ANYTHING is achievable, lord knows i dont have much of it, but hey i should be alive for a good 60-70 more years so i think i’ll get there one day LOL.

i got a buddy with a 90 or 91 N/A Z…

talk to me on AIM and i’ll hook u up with his screenname or cell or whatever
AIM: OnTheRun710

he’s looking into a swap as well so maybe he has some info or anything to help you out. oh, and welcome



let me introduce you to my brother… he’s the conoseur of n/a auto --> turbo 5spd in the 85-90 300zx… he’s actually working on the turbo’d 90 right now at my grandpaps house…
he can motor swap and tranny swap in those things in a few hours…trust me, i’ve seen it…

ooo, and WELCOME!



Well where you located? Maybe i can get in touch with him sometime?