The OFFICIAL Gun Thread.


whatever floats your upper. lol

there isnt anything cheap about building an ar. Having it un-numbered when 2014 doesnt go as planed with this registration bullshit is much more important than saving $30 on a $1400 build, to me atleast.


Wrong. You can not buy them and haven’t been able to buy them since the law came out. Already owned ones can stay but need to be registered.

You can buy safe act compliant ones now but you haven’t been able to go buy a normal ar in 11 months…


v8’s right. you have to have owned it prior to feb. Enjoy those rifle stocks kids.



this is true.

i like the 80% lowers and parts because if something were to happen and registration is required you dont need to register machined parts.

but with a days notice you can assemble as many as you need.

double safety


What are people’s opinions on Adam’s Arms piston uppers?


piston ar = hype


Lets try something new, ill set my budget between 800-1000 for a complete ar build. Copy/ paste links to parts of what you’d buy. (Trying to keep it ny legal):popcorn




Haha. Basically. Well, build me something that won’t get me arrested.


If you dont want to register it, owning an AR in just about any configuration will get you “arrested” unless you butcher it to the point where its barely an AR anymore.


Shut up


I know you can still get stripped lowers at a few local stores but from what I understand if you didn’t own it before the safe act its not legal for you to own now in any configuration.


Untrue. It has to be featureless to be legal though. An ugly stock, Bull barrel etc


I’ve got a brand new forged upper with forward assist if anyone is interested


What brand?




If anyone is interested lmk


owned it presafe act. thats the key right? If you had a non nys-comp pre safe act you have to register it or sell it out of state right? And no new sales in state of non comp AR’s are allowed, right?

Tell me this, how the fuck are they going to know if you owned it prior to last jan/feb? Say you bought a lower last year, or even 5 years ago, its not a firearm until its functional, right? What if you built it tomorrow? Or built it a year from now. Or built it 5 years ago. Not only how will they know, but were is the line drawn for owned pre safe act? Whats stopping anyone from continuing to buy stripped lowers anyway? Its not like you cant get a lower and bolt compliant shit to it, so why hault, stop, slow down or scare down the sales of lowers?

And again, if anyone asks if its registered, say yes. If they walk away, great. If they dont and they get a court order to query you against the reg database, you have 30 days to register it or sell it out of state, or turn it over to dismiss the charge.

So again, the ammount of grey area surrounding this bullshit is staggering, even a year later we still cant seem to understand what the fuck is going on with it all.


How do you even register? Is there a website or are you suppose to go to the local pd and tell them what you own? I have not seen anything regarding registering and didn’t even think it was set up yet.


I guess the only thing saying you owned it prior to the safe act would be the nics check (if they can look that up) or a receipt. Innocent until proven guilty, right? but I doubt that would apply here. if it was a private sale you could write a receipt for dec, 2012 and I don’t see how they could know any different, but i’m no lawyer.