The OFFICIAL Gun Thread.


indefinite hold last i saw.


That is pretty sick!


yea…im torn between the tac con or a nice 2 stage match from geissle…while the fun switch would be nice theres no range i know of around here that is ok with rapid fire…i’ll probably end up spending money on a nice optic before the trigger though


i got the rra 2 stage varmint. fitment is perfect, lots of feel on the first stage and the 3.5lb or so 2nd feels great. pulling through both to fire feel like a standard light 1 stage to me. I just saw one onsale for $80 for black friday too.


Tac con is overpriced markup galore trigger stuffright now. Buy a geissle and be super happy with it. I can also stone singlestage millspecs to a nice smooth break but a heavy pull. I prefer a 5lb+ trigger on a duty ar. Target or varmint hunting yeah definitely drop that down witha nice dropin.

timney ar triggers are jnk fwiw just incase you were considering them. Nothing but trouble with all the ones ive worked with.


I’ve had half a dozen set ups with rra 2 stage triggers and they are awesome for the money.

I have a geissle and love it. Is a better trigger but like three times the price of a rra.


yea tac con is overpriced for sure…I just thought it was cool to see see that someone developed a completely legal 3 mode trigger group…I have a mil spec single stage in my rifle and I love the way it feels its around 4 or 5 lbs and has a really nice positive reset so I see no need to upgrade as of right now…id rather sink the money into an optic or ammo


Any black Friday specials out there?


surefire is doing 50% off on some of their products Thursday night for like 4 hours


Palmetto state has some good deals right now


i picked up a WMD NiB BCG from redbarn for $179 shipped… usually $200-230 shipped from places.

And got a weather proof plano 42" lockable hard poly case for $60 usually $130, then got free shipping and another $30 off becasue I got my barrel from them too. Saved $130 on my full order. That was from Midway USA. (still have the sales going on)


I’d like to pick up an AR, but how the F do I know if it’s all NY compliant. I’m still a noob, so be gentile. I see they have alot of nice uppers on sale and you can grab a lower build kitright now for under $100…


The lower reciever has the serial, which requires and FFL to buy one. the rest of the parts can be bought anywhere, online, local stores, private doesnt matter. So you need to find a lower most local stores still sell them, then the lower parts kit (pins, springs, trigger group, mag release, bolt releast, saftey, etc) and the upper, bolt group, charging handle, barrel, etc.

The detachable mag is what puts a typlical AR with one other feature into the illegal zone. One other feature such as pistol grip, colapsable stock, secondary grip, etc. The only detachable mag nys legal AR has a standard “rifle” fixed stock on the back. The gun store next to harbor frieght has them for you to see.

Unless your welding the mag to the lower, pulling the rear pin, folding the upper/lower open and jamming stripper clips into the mag, a pistol grip which is on 99.9% of every ar makes it illegal. Even the “bullet button” mag release doesnt make it legal like many think. (bullet button is a mag release button that you cant press with your finger, you use the point of a round to depress the center of the button to release the mag, Cal uses that to make it legal) The law in Cal is doesnt use the strict verbage that NYS does now, the kick in the nuts it the part that says “has the ability to accept a detachable mag”.

You still need to have a crown’d barrel or pin the comp/break/flashhider which is a federal law. and it has to be 16.5" min, so a 14.5" barrel with a 2" comp is 16.5, or a crowned 16.5" or longer.

The mag is the part that will land you in jail now. 30round and your fucked. period. 10 round cap with more than 7 loaded unless on a registered range your fucked too. No getting out/around that one unless the judge says fuck off to the safeact like they have already done.

Here is the thing though. Police can not look up on the NYS assult weapon registry database WITHOUT a court order. so if they ask if its registered, lie and say yes (if its not). If they still arrest you there is a 30 day grace period for you to register the gun or get rid of it and the charges are dropped.

Ask more specific questions in the SRS thread if you would like. And please, cptn morg, adam, jse, toomany, etc please correct me if I am wrong or add whatever you would like here.

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you can still get 80% lowers shipped to your door no ffl needed. if you have a drill press and a printer thats all you need to complete it. then get your own #'s engraved and date the build 2012


yeah that too. but they cant be sold or even gifted to a family member IRC. You build it you own it for life.

and if your doing it that way your still getting an SN, so you just negated the point of an 80% lower. Build it and dont stamp it.

someone correct me if im wrong there.


sure they can. they make 100% legal ar furniture. pass a ffl and transfer it as a gift to your family


I dont know about that. I am 99% sure the stipulation to completing your own lower was its not transferable. Maybe thats because the builder isnt going to be applying for a SN and stamping it though.


this is incorrect.

i am 100% sure if you have a firearm thats not a “assult weapon” you can sell it with a ffl.

doesnt matter if you made it or colt if its a firearm and meets ny rules and regulations you can sell it.


I think your confusing the point to the 80% idea. The idea is to have an unnumbered gun so you dont need to register it, you cant for that matter. In doing so, you have to be the one with your hand on the drill press or the mill, nobody but you. Once completed and operational its considered a firearm. You can use/own it without needed a serial number. But it cant be transfered, sold, gifted, or anything with a serial number, the FFL will send you packing. It needs to be distroyed if you dont want it anymore, or you need to apply for an SN and then its like any normal lower, and those rules apply.

and i saw your last reply just after i hit post. You are missing alot of the grey area. (edited V8S10 is correct see bellow, i hate ny)

I am waiting for Adam or the others to chime in. I am still new at this, but like everything I sift through with fine grain mesh to make sure I am accurate.


slap a SN on it and its good to go

for me a 80% lower is cheaper and if you have a nicer setup it can be better quality than cheaper brands with no QC