The OFFICIAL Gun Thread.


Took the Utah class today, just under 4 hours, well worth it.


Western Walmart has .223 and 7.62 I tried to buy it all but they won’t let u buy more then 3 boxes


Got called a " liberal fucktard" by some guy on FB for calling him out telling him selling high capacity mags in NYS is illegal. His argument was “they are preban do some research.” Wrong fucker preban doesn’t matter anymore with the UNSafe Act in place.


^ just goes to show you how many people STILL don’t know about this fucked law and how insane it’s going to be come next year.


Oh I know in hoping the law suits out in western ny help get rid of the bullshit


It’s already gone, I got 3 boxes and the guy after me got the last 3


the guy with the Ruger 10/22 mags on the saratoga/wilton online garage sale?




I sent them in and got 3 more for me


that guy is a massive jackass.


Were you guys able to buy ammo without a background check? Just wondering when that takes effect. I need to stock up on some sabot slugs for deer season.


i just bought shells at sports authority, no check or anything stupid just a date of birth and there agreement that there being purchased legally


no check at walmart or date check either got ammo and gave cash… end of transaction


thanks guys


I don’t think it kicks in till next year


A 10 year old COD player can now shoot targets at 1000 yards



only downside to it is the price tag…starting at 17000 last i heard, the .338LM is like 22 or 23 grand


wow. i know there are un maned death machines that you use a xbox controller to operate in the us.

$17k for something like that is cheap imo.

some people pay more than that for a old outdated musket.

you could build your own too. look at that paintball auto turret phate posted.

#2999 i want one of these so bad


saw that too, definitely need one!