The OFFICIAL Gun Thread.


every permit is concealed carry

there are several versions. the most common are: hunting and target, and unrestricted. others include home use, store front use etc

I typically carry my .380 because it’s small and compact. put it right in my front pocket and you’d never know it was there, and I don’t feel it there either.


yea, compact designs are nice for concealment but i am only interested in full size and either 9mm or .45, unless i can get a 5.7


I really like my springfield xd, take a look into them


i was looking at the xds 45 but then they just recalled them so as far as the xds goes i’ll wait and see what the updated models earn for a reputation, did you get your permit in albany county? i’ve heard its a bit of a PITA, is it or was it somewhat painless to obtain?


schdy county, it really wasn’t that bad. I live in Albany now and still have it in schdy. kept it there so I can do their unrestricted course. When I moved to guilderland I called Albany and told them I needed to change it and they told me I could keep it in schdy if I wanted to. I didn’t believe them so I called schdy and they told me the same thing, so I was like F YES.


Xds or glock 23

Xds was a precautionary recall and only on the early serial numbers. It’s reliable and a great gun. Wouldn’t carry anything else.

Me and my friend did a 300 round test in about 30 minutes and had no issues even towards the end when it was getting dirty.

5.7 is ok, I sold mine. The novelty wears off quickly, specially in this state. It’s better in other states when you can use the full capacity mags. Ammos hard to get and expensive.

If your not into a xds buy a 3 inch 1911. That’s what I carried before my xds and it was a tack driver but the xds is better so I sold the 1911 and only have 5 inch 1911s now.


Will couch for xds 45 as well. Super thin profile for a 45. Get extended mag baseplates if you dont buy it as a new kit. Makes a huge differnence in grip on the gun


Has anyone applied for their Albany Pistol Permit Recently? Im putting mine in in a few weeks, have everything done except need to get my references to hurry up and mail the shit in.

Expecting it to take about a year or so. Cant imagine them denying me, i’m 23, or will be by the time it goes through anyways, have never been arrested and never have even gotten a traffic ticket other than parking on the pavement and I have a hunters license.

And what is going on with the SAFE act, they get that registration system set up? Anyone register anything under it? I haven’t been paying attention because i’m not planning on it so the only real effect on my life is I wont be able to expand my “assault weapon” collection any further.

The amount of people I have seen openly saying they have no intention of registering anything is pretty high, it seems like they will have their work cut out for them as far as enforcement. I would be scared to take anything that needed to be registered to a real public range though, that’s the perk of having a good 100 yard range in my yard. I’m so far away from any of my neighbors there I doubt anyone else can even hear me shooting.


Where in albany are you?




What’s your name and where in knox? You’re local.


What’s your social security number and birth date?


lol, would plus rep you if I could


:lol he’s just about my age so i probably went to school with him


And i can hear someone ripping off mags over the hill behind our farm on some days


people make ar lowers from wood.

your comment is filled with info too

also do you get off correcting my typing?


yes this. also you could make your own lower pretty easily.

you dont need a 3d printer or a cad maching


Ian but I didn’t go to school at bkw. I just moved here from down near SUNY in may, I went to ghS and then hvcc for automotive.


Way cool man. You’re not over on west road or Becker road are you? That’s where I hear a lot of shooting from


No I live on Witter, right across from Armstrong Furniture, which happens to be owned by my grandfather.