The OFFICIAL Gun Thread.


No need to say honestly lol, I’d hope a 12ga had more recoil than a 20ga.


My .22 doesn’t kick as much as the .270… Dunno why


I am 99% sure that under the law the lower (stripped or complete) has to go through an FFL because it contains the serial number.


He’s talking about unfinished lowers, aka still need machining work.


LOL i meant from like being comfortable on my shoulder feeling the recoil… Worded wrong.

i felt it a bit more in my shoulder but it was not nearly as straining as some of the other 12 gauges I have shot.

It was great with trap too… I was using an over under, dont recall which one that It had been real good all day. I’m guessing the choke on the beretta was a bit tighter (think im refering to the right thing?) as I seemed to get more dead on shots rather than a few “clips” of a bird that I was getting with the other guns like they were scattering more.


firearms have serial numbers, not vin codes. printing an ar lower is cool and all but unless you have access to good quality material or resin, you had better have more spare lowers than mags. not to mention none of what you suggested really pertained to my question directed toward Adam. which was concerning taking a normal ar and making it “featureless”, not building or buying a new one, let alone forging documents to violate the law and wind up in prison…aside from that little bit it was a great post filled with tons of helpful info as always.



whats a good price to pay for a mossberg 500 tatical. lets say fair condition. hasnt been fired in meny years. all composite


300 to 350 if it’s totally mint with the adjustable stock


its deff not mint the saftey needs to be fixed and theres no stock just pistol gripits.been sitting for a long time with no shells sent through it. im thinking like 200 but its his call


anyone on here taking the Utah pistol course?


I’m considering it.


what woulod the benefit be? (not meant to sound douchey, i actually want to know)


I’ve taken It and have Utah and az permits


it lets you carry in 34 states. Ny doesn’t let you carry in as many other states. I’m taking it the 14th.



ok so lately i’ve been wanting to get my pistol permit as well as a carry permit, in order to take the utah carry concealed course would i already have to have a NY pistol permit, or does the utah course cover me for owning and carrying in NYS?


You can take the Utah class and get a permit as a non resident for utah, but you still won’t be able to buy a pistol or own a pistol in ny without a ny permit.

NY does not accept any other state’s permits.


fyi a ny pistol permit is a concealed carry permit. there is no open carry in ny.


oh, i knew that they don’t allow open carry but i thought there were 2 seperate permits, one for ownership/range use, and another for conceal carry…thanks for the info…somewhat relevant question: what pistol would you guys who do carry recommend, i have been researching glocks and i have heard a lot of good and bad about the newest generation, im also torn between .45 and 9mm, and im not even sure i could get one in this state but an FNH 5.7 is on the wishlist as well.