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A semi kicks less than a break barrel or a pump. As it uses the energy created to load and unload.

A good gun will kick less but if you compare a break barrel to a semi the semi kicks less everytime.

Spas 12 is best shotgun imo not for shooting clays tho. 00 and slugs





Sounds like the guy neve shot a SPAS-12. If he did, he definitely wouldn’t be saying it’s “the best”.


Maybe he thought he wandered into the Battlefield 3 thread?

I have a Beretta fp1201. I like it. I’ve shot everything out of it. I’m in the market for a side by side and a pump.


i thought they were made illegal by the new law? but without the pistol grip they’re fine?


Featureless rifles are alright. No muzzle brake, no pistol grip, no telescoping stock etc


so its looking like it’ll be about 200 for everything from exile machine plus the cost of a new barrel to cut and crown…fuck i cant wait for this law to get thrown out.


Beretta makes a great shotgun judging from the reviews I have read. Franchi, manufacturer of the SPAS-12 makes a ton of good shotguns, but the SPAS and its variants are so primitive, that’s one of the reasons why they’re not used by the US military anymore (replaced by the M1014 which is the Benelli M4), along with most other first-world militaries.


i would get a spas simply because of the nostalgia, i always thought it was cool to have the option of pump action or semi auto, im seriously thinking about getting a benelli m4 now…we’ll see come pay day.


“Only with a benelli”
[ame=“”]Benelli Top Guns - Exhibition Shooting - YouTube[/ame]


i have it is heavy and expensive. but i love it still. its got a name that i like. folds up too. loading is weird at first but easy to adjust

the law 12 is a great variant of that gun. i perfer it over alot of shotguns.

m4 is a great gun too. but the new 5 round version is missing the extra rounds. unless your special and get the full capacity


lmao so if i get a bowflex will i look like this???




I’d buy the M4 before the Spas. Just a better shotgun all around, with the M4 being beyond reliable as far as the two guns are concerned. With the right hold and trigger pull you can rip off all the rounds VERY fast and controlled too.


i should have been more clear in my post, the m4 is my dream shotgun, my uncle used to have one, (i was lucky enough to fire it before he sold it) and as you said you can really let loose with it and its pure fun and plenty controllable, thats when i fell in love with the m4, the spas would be number 3 or 4 on my “cool shotgun list”

  1. benelli m4
  2. saiga 12
    3/4 mossberg 930 speed loader/franchi spas 12
    do you have any plans of designing an unsafe act compliance kit for ARs? i’ve looked into exile machine and its looking like they had no way to keep up with demand and now the prices are double what they originally were.


I actually own one and I agree with V8lonoma. Honestly that shotgun is a total cluster fuck to operate in my opinion. Yes it’s cool and fun to shoot, but it doesn’t have a safety for all intents and purposes and is very picky about what kind of ammo it will run in semi mode. All of that being said I will never sell mine since I can’t buy another one given current legislation.



I’m waiting until next year to see what happens before I tool up for any more rifle parts. Cuomo fucked my company hard with this shit and I’m not investing any more time and money into such products until I’m fully sure they be needed


you can still build a ar. you could say the build date was last year if you want to reg. but i dont advise that. or use a ny safer grip to avoid legal issues.

buy a 80% lower mill it out or drill press or dremel. even could use hand tools. and they ship uncompleted lowers to your house. no ffl needed. just like any other part of a semi ar.

buy upper at a gun store or build your own, buy lower parts kit, buffer tube kit, and a mag. bang you have a ar. so easy a lil kid could do it.

if you have a 3d printer or access to one. print your own lower. theres enough designs out there for free.

also theres some shops that sell %100 lowers but they are marked post safe act in the vin #s. so if you assemble it after 1/15/13 its illegal if you use a traditional pistol grip. but you could use ny safer grips that are legal.

all the parts for a ar15 are still legal. but if you have them assembled then its a another story. all parts can be shipped to your house too. unless you get one complete then its considered a gun and requires a ffl to ship.

ak parts kits and alot of other guns are easy to find too and %100 legal to ship to your home without a ffl. if the lower or the gun is complete they cant ship to your home.


I went trap shooting last fall with a group of friend and one of the kids there had just picked up a Beretta not sure exactly what model it was

Was a 12g, honestly was a little heavier on the recoil than the 20 gauge I was using all day but compared to the other 12gauge guns Ive shot it was by far the most comfortable.


i think the beretta and benelli are made in same facility. for shotguns atleast