The OFFICIAL Gun Thread.


What Marlin did you get? I have a 925 in .22lr that i turned into a comp target rifle for nra shoots. Made some custom billet titanium parts for it and absolutely love it aside from the occasional FTE that occurs(crappy extractors, they need tweaking)


Bought a 795 .22LR just something to plink with and show the wife how to shoot.



will be banned in NY next. LOL and Cuomo said a pistol grip and collapsible stock are deadly features! hahahahah

I would LOVE to see that on a bolt action run of the mill rifle in the hands of a novice pit against Cuomo himself behind the trigger of a 30 round mag standard issue AR… See who can eliminate 30 moving torso targets 500 yards out first.


TP already had bolt action platforms that were accurate out to like 800 or 1000 yards starting at 17000 for a .308 and i think 23000 for the 338 lapua…and as you said they would put someone who has never fired a gun in their life behind it and they were able to place shot after shot effectively at 800 yards…heres a demo video: [ame=“”]TrackingPoint Demonstration - YouTube[/ame]

oh and the rifle came with an ipad which interfaces with the scope/computer to be used by your spotter and record shots as seen through the optic.


[ame=“”]TrackingPoint XactSystem Owner Overview - YouTube[/ame]


yeah i watched the vids with a massive tech boner.

when you say 17000 and 23000… your talking monies right?




good ol’ merican doll hairs


I can picture the face on the lady at the bank processing that loan. Lol


My problem with that setup is ifmthe scope or trigger fails the gun is usless out in the field, wheras if your m4 breaks you can scavenge parts and make field repairs easily.

Cool factor is mega, but beyond the average use by just as much.

That kind of money id rather buy a nice mcmillan setup or even go a bit more and buy a cheytac intervention, and still have money left over for rounds(cheytqc 408 rounds are VERY EXPENSIVE)


i hear ya…its really a step forward though i just like the tech aspect of it…their bolt guns were made by mcmillan, but one day the tech will be improved to the point where not only can it take a beating but it will be modular so that if it does fail beyond a field repairable level it can be removed and the weapon is still useable…it’s truly amazing to see how far optics tech has advanced since WWII


I assume the owner won’t be scrambling for parts to make a field repair so he can continue punching paper or ringing a gong. If they are 20k deep into a system like that their hobby would be packed up and sent back for repairs well before the thought of shoe stringing up a gun crossed their mind.

If it wasnt owned by a hobbiest, they arent fitting the bill I would also assume so they probably have a few extras on site.


Boxersix should make a semi auto big bore pellet gun. Like a speed ball paint ball marker

Still 100% legal with evil features. Big bore pellet guns are no joke


I would make an AR that shoots .416 barrett before id waste my time on making an air rifle at this point.


not to mention how little of a market there is for big bore airguns, they go for crazy money and it’s not like people are crazy for them…otherwise they would be sold in every LGS around.


People mod this to 1000fps+. Upgrade volts to board and run high pressure nitrogen

One day when someone incorporates the paintball tech to air guns this will rip out of the box.

Pellet guns nowadays require the same respect and responsibility as a gun.

Also I know .22 isn’t. Big bore pellet gun but its cheap and fun. Could protect you too.

With all the shortage on ammo pellets are still easy to find and cheap.

Trigger time with pellets is cheap too.

I want a .357 option or a .45 so I can use over the counter pellets


Yup, one of many reasons why i wont bother making one. I could get my manufacturing license and make way more money making ruger 10/22 billet uppers where there are already multiple companies that make them, than if i were to make pellet guns. Not to mention the greater satisfaction of making a real rifle that shoots a real cartridge


not sure if this interview is new or old, I don’t see a date on it


Does anyone know if I can buy an SKS under the safe act still? Just a regular as they come russian SKS without doing some silly shit like filing the bayonet lug off.

It looks as though it should be ok because they don’t have detachable mags but wondering if anyone has seen one at the store or something just to be sure.

And also does anyone know of a good local gunsmith that isnt B&J or in any way affiliated with them (They fucked me out of 50 bucks once, never going back there)? I have a M44 mosin with a burr in the chamber that needs to be polished, it makes it so the fired shells don’t want to extract. Normally for a 150 dollar gun I would just forget about it but this thing is so handy i’d like to keep it.