The OFFICIAL Gun Thread.


Yes you can buy an SKS in NYS still, but legally you must buy it though an FFL regardless of whether its from the store or another person.

Ill send you a pm


Anyone trying to sell a mossberg 500 or a Remington 870? Or a nagant?


AmericanShooter Supply
Lock Stock and Barrel…


Aren’t you under 18? If not, see Adam’s response. Prolly the only place you’ll find that’s willing to part with their inventory lol.


Lol at trying to buy cheap guns even cheaper.


this place is so dead im contemplating just being an asshole to everyone who posts something stupid, just for shits and giggles.


your not an asshole when your correct.

:slight_smile: see rust repair thread. lol Ill fight in that thread for months.


that new guy is the reason shift is dead IMHO


There are a lot of reasons shift is dead but I promise none of them are “new” guys.


true… we are all a bunch of broke old men, and our hobbies we still partake in shouldnt be posted online thanks to cuomo. lol

Fishing, I like fishing.


I like fishing so much I lost all of my guns while out in my boat.


I have a gun rack in the back window of the saab.



i thought my jeep was a transformer and could turn into a boat, i got about 1/2 mile out into the lake and it was about that time when the goddamn loch ness monster showed up asking for tree fiddy…i said “i ain’t got no damn tree fiddy ya damn loch ness monstaa!” then he took all of my belongings to the bottom of marianas trench.


i know i just don’t like him and was being a dickhead for fun.


Does anyone know where i can find a M38 mosin in great shape? i found one on GB but the seller doesnt allow first time buyers i even tried talking to the guy on the phone still no go…


good luck trying to find anyone willing to sell guns to nys. I’ve struck out 5 times or more. Fucking pataki. I think I’ve still got a GB account and i’ve bought stuff before…


#1 you mean cuomo…

#2 holy shit you’re alive:wow


is anyone here going to the gun show this weekend?


What gun show?

#3120 it says no dates scheduled but im 99% sure its this weekend