The OFFICIAL Gun Thread.


nvm it was last weekend…i guess i wont be going


Heard it was trash anyway. These guys are most likely going to take advantage of us heavily regulated NY people anyway…


290 ORB Edition 9mm with Re-Strike…

938 Extreme Edition…

I have another 238 Scorpion coming and another 229 Extreme 9mm coming… And one more, but I don’t wan’t to say yet because Boxersix is going to want to make sweet love to me when it gets here.


holy sausage fingers

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that first sig is really nice, i’m going to have to go look into that. I want a more compact carry


All SIGs are nice. I have yet to be proven wrong in that statement.


Just you wait till you hear about what is on the way… When you’re ready with a box of tissues and a change of panties, I’ll let you know.

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HAHA, it’s just the picture… They’re both relative in size, except that the 938 is a much, MUCH smoother shooting gun. It’s built the same way as a 1911, just small 9MM compact size.


Bought at Zacks, Ouch, paid wayyy to much. owns all. Local shops here are a joke. highway robbery makes me sick all the years i paid too much.


Who said I bought at Zacks? I use them for my FFL to do transfers…


Do they give you a decent rate? I’ve been using firefly, Guy is cool and only charges $20. I think a lot fo people on here use him. I know most gun stores charge $50, target charged by muddy $80 not long ago and he has sworn them off since


Zacks hooks me up and I usually get my amendment back in a week. So I can’t complain.


A week? You must be in Saratoga county. schdy is same day


Schenectady is back to the same day??


they also charge far to much for transfers as well


Firefly is awesome. Used him for my lowers


Yeah, I live in Saratoga. I don’t mind Zacks, some of my buddies do business with other dealers and it takes them 2-3 weeks to get their green slip. So I’m good with a week.

JVG if they charge to much, then don’t do business with them. They’ve taken care of me from the first day I walked in there and still do. I like Zack’s and don’t mind spending some money in there.

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Does he have a store front, or just his FFL?


That and their service as gone from good to complete shit over the last 2 years. My father inlaw has spent an easy 10k there and they have been dicking him around about warranty on a 180 dollar optic.


Just ordered/bought a Mosin with Hex receiver and Laminiate stock. Also Firefly Firearms for all transfers.


No store front. His office is actually upstairs in his house


I have sadly overpaid in my early years on lots of things there. I like the guys the owner has sadly gotten to the point we wants to clobber you over the head with a grand slam since the panic buying started. I do buy somethings there from time to time if its reasonable and like i said I like the staff guys. I love those carpet gun sock bags when they have them available.

yeah unfortunate the owner has taken a personal policy of no fucks given recently. Still not as bad as Pat at T&V that guy is a douche.


Pat loses so much business for T&V it’s ridiculous. No one likes that dude, I refuse to go back just because of him.