The OFFICIAL Gun Thread.


I also hate T&V but i was in there the other day with a buddy and bought all their .22lr 100pks they had price was actually way to good to pass up. i think someone goofed when pricing them.


Yeah… I can agree with you guys on Pat and T&V… I buy most ammo out of state and my firearms on grabagun or gunbroker.


Sig 226 X5 Short and Smart


im not usually a fan of anything shiny but that 226 looks nice, those grips look comfy too.


anyone have a headspace tool for a mosin nagant? i want to make sure my headspacing is good before i start shooting it.


just stumbled upon this. what does the law say about fixed magazine capacity?


suck a dick cuomo.

Fixed magizine. Ill take my pistol grips, thumbhole stock, adjustable stock, forward grip, and everyother feature you wont let me have and waive them around in your smug ignorant face.

Pull the thing down drop the bullets in, push it back up, press the bolt release and fire. 7 or 10rd depending on model.


wish I could buy that now


this isnt good thought: maybe thats why I couldnt place my order this morning with them.


so ive been reading about some of the confiscations in mass, idk if i should believe what i read but have there really been “militias” that are actually firing back at the atf and government??!!? if thats true shits really hitting the fan

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like this idk this sounds like it happend a long time ago


after reading the letter from the 3% group to CT state police… if its current it could be true. need to look for more sources like local news stations and such.

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Read the entire thing. Governor Thomas Gage… This was just before the Revolutionary War. They changed some of the words to make it sound like it could be current, but at the end they say that’s how the war started.




hmm the one i read didnt have all that in it, i just quickly google searched it and found one that was similar…


nice, i have been thinking about a 10/22 lately…if it werent for the unsafe i would be in the market for either a REPR or SCAR 17


when i first got it with the 3x9 and winchester yellow jackets that have been in the trunk of my car for about a year and looked all nasty, i got a 1" group at 65yrd off hand. im no marksman but i was proud of that. lol I love this thing, its much nicer than my old mossberg 22lr.