The Official Hunting Thread

It is getting close to that time of year. Who here hunts?

I am an avid bow hunter and I also rifle hunt, although it is not as challenging for me to rifle hunt.

Basically we have a 175 acre plot that my dad owns but lets me operate. So it is only me and a select few others allowed to hunt it. We have pretty strict set of rules that I put in place each season, including how many, if any, does can be taken and we have a continual antler restriction of 6 points. We cultivate food plots and keep the property kept up all year round, specifically for the deer. So far it has been working great and we have been taking 7pt and larger bucks off the property every year.

Anyway, October 17th is coming soon and I can’t wait. Anyone else share the passion?

I am a hypocrite here. I love venison jerky, I can’t stand to think of killing one.

I used to hunt for small game, it was a lot of fun. I usually go out for deer once or twice a year and get one. My family’s farm recieve extra permits to help control population. I think we got like 7 deer last year. Day after the season I saw a group of about 20 deer just chilling out in our field, just can’t keep up with them :Idiots

We use shotgun only on our property.

Awesome. Yea, they give out nuissance permits like crazy to land owners and farmers when the herds get to big. A farm I used to have permission on awhile back got 15 nuisance permits one year. Needless to say the local soup kitchens were happy.

+1 also hunt, now just deer mostly, me and 91240 usually slay a few each year in the orchard.

i’m in for deer slaying @ the klopmans. i can use AR?

negative, shotguns only, were in schenectady county

:lol but we also have our own set of rules, matter of fact Wayne, season opened today!

can i dual wield?

you wont do it pussy, buy another ar!

i will have to dual wield the shotty’s cuz you guys are all law-abiding up there.

Damn, Wayne. :lol
You’re hunting deer, not Big Foot!

i am a dual shotty wielding lumberjack. ROFL.

dont make fun of wayne, bigfoot sightings have been made in duanesburg, no csbs nikki!


i used to hunt up in bethel ny my aunt has 50 acres and out in rensselear

I bet wayne shoots a deer from the hip first time out


:lol no doubt

fuck i gotta find me a new gun