The Pedal-to-the-Metal, Totally Illegal, Cross-Country Sprint for Glory

Damn. 2,795 miles in under 32 hours?!

Where do I sign up!

shit man, no guts no glory. i read the first few pages and the last page or so.

great story

that’s an awesome article.

Shit I thought i was cruising when i made it to NYC in under 5 hours…

yeah its written really well. too bad i dont have time to read the whole thing right now

edit: drove my folk’s benz on a few long road trips. It had the trip computer which tells you what your average speed is. Its quite intersting how difficult it is to get your average speed up. The longer you travel, the harder it gets. It kept me entertained for a long time trying to hit a certain goal(although I cant remember now what that was).

ummm duh…

yeah i realize that, its common sense, but when your actually in the car, and your averaging 60, and your 5 hours into a 7 hour trip and you want to hit that 65 average and your pushing the limit to get it there, you realize just how hard it is and how true the calculations are.

Very good read.

Great read I love seeing new stuff from Alex Roy, he is a madman. I averaged 69mph cross country this summer on AKA and I can tell you we were booking it. But lots of stops, etc.

Great read :tup:

When does the movie come out, or is it out?

Dave Maher said on rennlist that the guys who released 32 Hours 7 Minutes are doing the DVD release for this also.

Most excellent reading. :tup:

Me and Treads4heads Greece to orlando 19 hours, 4 stops

19 hours isnt even really booking it.

With 4 one hour stops, thats not drive time, total time. Take out the stops

15 hours


Why don’t these guys ever drive diesels? Less fuel stops = faster.

Just finished reading “The Driver,” by Alexander Roy. I recommend it. :tup:

Buffalo to Cocoa Beach 16.5

yea buffalo to west palm in 18 hours with only gas stops.
and philly to west palm in 14 with more stops.

in an suv.

i would LOVE to do something like this…