The Pet thread

WHat kind of Pet do you guys have…?

I have a Terrier mix black/white doggy…SHes cute and small…

Here are some pics…Tell me what you think…

I gota cat named Will:

Damn EMX…NIce Pictures…
Too bad Im allergic to cats…Or at least I think I am…lol

Keep em coming…:tup:

he’s not a traditional cat. my roommate and I are convinced he’s from another planet.

wow you still have marten? i thought he like, died…

Thats Taz, i gotta take some up to date pic of the puppies

my pet liger

i like cats. my mom has one (best cat ever, below) and my dad has one. my brother has a turtle.

aww i miss my cat.

my parents took him to rochester when they moved cuz my landlord said we cant have pets, and i dont think i really have the time to take care of him right now anyways…hes an orange striped cat…his name is Tiger…oOh so original, lol.

and my parents have a doberman named Kaiser. he has a lazy ear, lol.

Glamour shots of my little sweetums (she goes by many names):

damn seeing all these cat pictures makes me want one again… i’ve always loved cats

if i had one i think i’d name it fatboy :slight_smile:

Nice PIctures Guys…Keep em coming…
I kinda want to get a couple of birds for my Daughter…
How messy are they…I have wall to wall carpet in my house, and dont want shit all over it…

I was also loooking into getting a couple of those clown fish.(FINDING NEMO FISH)… I heard its a bitch to take care of them since they are salt water fish… Do you know of a place that sell them locally?



Spaz my ferret, stealing a sip of my rum and coke

Egyptian Spiney Mouse

My Beta while I was cleaning his bowl out

My [ blue chilid, algae eater and zebra tetra] fish tank I just got set up a day ago…I know it’s gay but I had to take the fish off a friend ASAP and thats all I had to work with…so it’s extra pink and gay lol


I hate the little fucker. My ex left them [ well there used to be 2 ] and I cant get rid of the damn thing now.

So no one else here have pets? wow!

Bringin’ it back up…Show us whatcha gOt…

this is Yoda, my leopard gecko:

and this is Sammy takin a nap…


^^^ Awesome PIc man…