The Rapid Move To All Electric (But Real Goal = No Personal Cars)

Greenies will prob shut this down, but thats enough lithium for about half a billion teslas.

Just out of curiosity I googled this :rofl:

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lol. Me and some weather nerd buddies have been arguing this point. Sea surface temperatures this year and rainfall amounts are off the charts, and a bunch of scientists are blaming the Tonga explosion, not CO2. I’m in that camp.


Ford canceling lightning orders

they got this truck all wrong
GM might not be Tesla but at least they created something different. Even the silverado is coming with a 200kwh battery pack good for 450 miles. Plus 4 wheel steer.

Speaking of F150

Rivian vehicles sell for over $80,000 on average. Yet they’re so expensive to build that in the second quarter the company lost $33,000 on every one it sold. That’s roughly the starting price of a base model Ford F-150.

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Gotta spend money to make money!

EV credit will soon be used like a down payment


I’m going to encourage my dog to piss on the one they installed at the Clearfield Community Center in my neighborhood because I don’t think the town (AKA, the taxpayers) should be paying to charge people’s cars. If they’re going to do that they should let me stop by the highway department and fill my gas vehicles up for “free” at the town pumps right?


NO thank you…
I’ll keep my reliable 20 yr old Hondas.

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Ok ok ok, hear me out…

Seems like its plausable.
But based on some Tesla owners…

Probably just a ricochet and construction screw in a rear tire resluting in a near death experience.

In the 1st world, green tips will likely puncture the battery… right?

There were pics online of one will bullet holes in it.

Ok. I concede that it looks to be true, but I still think there is a dig at Tesla owners somewhere in there :smiley:

cybertrucks going to sell like hotcakes over there

The cyber truck on its own I’m not a fan of, but i’ve seen a couple with cool wraps and I’m diggin it

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