The Rapid Move To All Electric (But Real Goal = No Personal Cars)

That would be the youtube search term “plaidessy”.

LMAO… Now it’s Mr Bean’s fault…


Gimmie dat copper…

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maybe he had the car on sentry mode

As someone who lives in the city, this is a problem I’ve considered when thinking about going electric.

I remember that slew of tire slashings a couple summers ago. It was almost every day someone reported their car being vandalized on allen and elmwood.

Yea when we were looking to move to the city a garage was a must. Having grown up in the city im tired of my cars being screwed with


Interesting read from my morning investment brief…

Automakers have been debating the future of the industry for years, with the starting point just as confusing as the finish line. It’s a question as old as the Toyota ™ Prius and General Motors (GM) EV1, mixed with a large dose of subsidies, practicality, demand and regulations. Rising competition across the globe, especially from China, is also upending many prior presumptions and is even bringing traditional rivals closer together.

Quote: “If there are ways that we can partner with others, especially on technologies that are not consumer-facing, and be more efficient with R&D as well as capital, we’re all in,” GM CEO Mary Barra announced at the Wolfe Research Global Auto and Auto Tech Conference. “If you cannot compete fair and square with the Chinese around the world then 20% to 30% of your revenue is at risk,” Ford (F) CEO Jim Farley added at the same event, noting that the situation might push the company into battery partnerships “with another OEM [automaker].”

The two auto giants, along with Tesla (TSLA) and others, have been feeling some serious heat from China’s top electric vehicle makers. Chief among them is Berkshire Hathaway-backed BYD (OTCPK:BYDDY), which has been completely obliterating rivals on price and even topped Tesla in sales last year. While subsidies have played a part in its path to success, the new EV industry leader also owns the entire supply chain for its batteries and benefits from cheaper manufacturing costs in China. “If there are no trade barriers established,” CEO Elon Musk said on a post-earnings call last month, “they will pretty much demolish most other car companies in the world. They’re extremely good.”

Other worries: High tariffs on China imposed during the Trump administration have helped keep BYD out of the U.S., but the company is eyeing a plant in Mexico that American carmakers fear can be used to make inroads under the USMCA trade agreement. “Last year, 25% of all vehicles sold in Mexico were sourced in China,” Ford’s Farley declared. “The world is changing.” The Detroit automaker also recently pulled back on EV investment after losing $4.7B on its battery-powered car unit in 2023, and it may lead it to adopt more of a plug-in hybrid strategy or diversified approach long-advocated by the likes of Toyota. “The EV growth slowdown is good for Ford,” wrote SA Investing Group Leader JR Research, “allowing it more time to milk its more profitable core business and work on its next-gen products.”

Do not expect the Biden admin to do anything to protect US car companies since he is fully bought and paid for by China.

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I’m sure this was just a feeler. Next year, they will slide it into some farm bill where you need a new harvester every few years.

Europe just wants to get nuked. At this point just let it happen.

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Anyone else see Elon claim a 1 sec 0-60 for the upcoming roadster? Street legal fan car?

There are rumors that it’s not a “car” but a personal drone. So acceleration of 1 second would make sense.

A Top Fuel Dragster does 0-60 in .49 seconds, so we know we can at least go that fast without blacking out.

I tried calculating a blackout speed but it wasn’t making sense.

If he made a 1 sec 0-60 at a fairly attainable price, guaranteed any non-drag racing person will get into an accident with the quickness. Very small percentage of the drag racing community has experienced G’s like that and I think the lay person will have trouble thinking quick enough to release the throttle when needed. to tack onto the blackout speed, I’m seeing something saying it’s typically between 4 and 6 Gs and I found something that calculates 0-60 at 1 sec at about 2.7 Gs however think about how many people blackout on those Slingshot bungee things at theme parks. Online says those are between 3 and 5 Gs. 2.7 could be a problem.

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could geofence it to race tracks

that would be dumb IMO. i feel like ther personal drone idea will never fly with faa

No one stops someone from buying a 2500hp pro street car. Let them rip and let Darwin take care of things.

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