The RX-7's new look

made a million changes over the weekend, figured i’d post up the progress.

what she originally looked like:

and how she looks now:

sorry about your eardrums, i really am

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shes 185K mile one owner car previous to me, damn near perfect inside

the top picture was taken right before i bought it. it was 100% stock other than a freshly bridgeported engine and an exhaust.

bottom picture now includes a mazdatrix short shifter(stock one came apart due to a dried out bushing) BC coils, swapped from 4 lug to 5 lug, turboII 4 piston brakes in front and the larger vented rotors/calipers in rear. some OEM 15" mazda BBS wheels with some new rubber. i’ve started to pre-mix the car to take the OMP pump out and just run straight pre-mix.

again, i’m sorry for your eardrums

Rims are a big improvement but the rears look really tucked.

yea, thats just how the stock offset is with those wheels. the main issue was the original suspension was shot, and those wheels were just too damn small at only 14", tire options are pretty limited, wanted something a little more normal sized. the car drove like a grand marquis on the original stuff, it was horrible

Looks great!!!

thanks, i really hated the stock look of the car, so much that i pretty much refused to drive it at all. it sat in the garage and i was disgusted with it until now

Yeah looks awesome :+1: